Rosie_a written by Rosie’s Mom, Fiona

Rosie has been seeing Dr. Lana Patterson for almost 3 years now.  Dr. Lana  has been amazing with Rosie and it is so wonderful to know that we can keep her body in such great shape and pain free as she advances in age.

Recently Dr. Lana has been able to completely help Rosie with her urinary bladder incontinence, through lumbar spine adjustments for muscle strain.  Rosie went weekly for a few sessions, then every two weeks, every four weeks and as of today Rosie is seeing Dr. Lana every 6 weeks.  We are so amazed by this and so happy as we didn’t want Rosie to be upset ever about this and now it is not even an issue.Her body which is almost 13 years old is able to hold the adjustments very well.

Dr. Lana has such a bright, positive, loving spirit, that is so genuine. She is a very gifted and knowledgeable in her field. Her kindness makes you feel at ease instantly.

Rosie just loves her!  And so do her grateful parents!

Fort Family Chiropractic (604) 888-4844

You can see more on our For The Love of Our Fur Kids page.

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