SALSA, never easy to say goodbye!

SALSA 2008-2020 ♥️

We are utterly heartbroken as we announce that yesterday afternoon, Salsa peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her Mum and human brother by her side. Salsa was 12 years old, she left us too soon, but she had a life full of love and happiness. ♥️

Salsa joined the Maggie May team in 2014 as a Supervisor, she was very good at her job, very bossy, especially when it came to payday. Salsa was one of the first to order a Maggie May Blanket back in 2013, we have lost count as to how many she actually has, she loved her blankies, and since, her Mum has become a huge supporter of the Maggie May Fund. On a rainy afternoon we finally met Salsa and her Mom, we decided on a walk to Rocky Point and got absolutely soaked, neither dog was impressed, but a lifelong friendship had begun. It is amazing how dogs connect us humans at just the right time. Salsa and her Mum became family. We got to know and love Salsa, she was special, her eyes twinkled with sweetness, and everyone she met, loved her. She became a therapy dog too, comforting seniors, and bringing smiles to their faces. ♥️

Salsa’s Mum was very fortunate to eventually be able to adopt Rosie too. You see, Salsa was Rosie’s mum. They were in separable, they slept the same way, they barked for treats the same way, they were quite the pair. Salsa & Rosie had many sleepovers with Jackie, they got along great. Jackie was a lazy girl in the morning, but Salsa, at 5am, she was at the side of the bed, pawing at us for breakfast, she knew when it was treat time too, boy did she know. She loved to lay in the sun and run in the sand and snow. We had fun dressing up Salsa and the gang at Halloween, good sports they were, and she even donned goggles on pool day. We will miss you so much Salsa, you brightened our lives, and you will always have a special place in our hearts. RIP sweet girl. We love you forever.♥️

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  1. tenderhearthealing says:

    Big footprints on many hearts. Rest well, Salsa


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