MEET BUDDY … our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund

Buddy is a 7 year old Multi Poo referred to us from Central Park Animal Hospital with severe dental problems. His mum adopted him from a family member a few years ago and writes “I love this little guy Buddy dearly”. Recently Buddy was not eating, in pain and needed immediate help.  His mum raised as much as she could for the surgery and had to reach out for further financial assistance. Dr. Sidhu has stepped up once again and we stepped in with Paws of Hope to get this little guy the dental work he just had to have.



Buddy went to the groomers and got all cleaned up for surgery and is looking pretty spiffy but his mum was super nervous and hopeful all goes well.



Buddy was in good hands with Dr Sidhu and Molly at Central Park Animal Hospital. Buddy’s bloodwork was in good shape, so they proceeded with his dental and “sent him home with a new smile”. They reported that Buddy’s family are thrilled and are all over his post-op needs and care at home.


Buddy went home later that evening, resting and whining naturally. Hi mum writes ” my heart feels so blessed he is over the worst of it”.

This past week, he was back in for a check up and is healing very well. “He has been quite the little trooper through all this.” Unfortunately they were not able to do all the dental work that was needed, but once he has fully recovered in a few months, we hope to be able to continue to help Buddy.

Buddy’s mum is very grateful to IMOMM, Paws for Hope, Dr. Sidhu and Molly of Central Park Animal Hospital.  We are thankful to Dr. Sidhu, whom we have worked with before and admire his generosity.

Check out this happy boy today, such a cutie pie.  Thank you to our supporters that are giving Buddy is smile back!

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  1. Way to go All!!! What a great feeling when even a few generous hearts come together to help a little one. This kind of generosity is never squandered. Happy eating, Buddy ❤️😂❤️

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