Saints Sponsorship Program


Agnes2 AGNES (photo credit SAINTS)

We have been blessed, to have been able to tour SAINTS Rescue in Mission, BC.  SAINTS is a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals, and not just cats and dogs.  We are in awe as to the work they do for so many animals, they provide not only care, but tons of love and kindness.

We first visited in the spring of 2014, and again this summer, when we met Agnes. Agnes was a stray that they feel was neglected by a breeder, she has many medical issues, but she has a home at SAINTS for life.  When we started thinking about other ways we could help animals in need, we thought of Agnes ….  how can one forget that lovable face.  We decided that helping Agnes, fits our mission, and we hope you all agree.  “In Memory of Maggie May” with your support is now one of Agnes’s sponsors, and we couldn’t be prouder.

It is a sad state that there is a need for sanctuaries such as SAINTS, but we are grateful  that there are. To learn more about SAINTS, visit their website: and to see photo’s of our visit in 2014, click HERE.




DIESEL (photo credit SAINTS)

This past week we were saddened by Agnes’s passing, Saints Rescue resident. The Maggie May fund had been one of her sponsors. We admire the love and care that SAINTS Rescue provides to their animals and proudly continue our support to Diesel.






ROSA (photo credit SAINTS)

Diesel has sadly passed away, but we know he was well taken care of at SAINTS, and will be greatly missed.  We are now proud to be sponsoring Rosa, “a beautiful old gal”.