Jackie’s Corner

Hello Everybody!

If you don’t know me already, let me introduce myself! My name is Jackie, and I am the Supervisor at “In Memory of Maggie May”. I do go by many other names, including …. Miss J., Jackie May (when I’m in trouble, which is very rare), Monkey, Baby Girl, Cuddle Bug, Princess, Get Back Here!, Don’t Eat That!, etc, etc. I am very popular, and do a super fantastic job, especially at being adorable.

My role here at IMOMM is changing due to my worker bee (aka mum), being so busy working at her day job, taking care of IMOMM the best she can, and taking care of me (and my pops). I am taking on additional responsibilities and will be the “Spokesdoggy” at IMOMM, because I can’t sew (I have two left paws).

We are pleased to introduce Jackie’s Corner, where I will be sharing my thoughts, talking about what’s going on at IMOMM, and answering any of your questions! Of course, everything will have to be translated into UDBL (Universal Doggy Bark Language), but that shouldn’t be a problem!

We have a few announcements right now: We will be at the 2018 BC & Yukon Agility Championships June 8-10 at Thunderbird Stadium in Langley, raising money for the Maggie May Fund, we hope you drop by for a visit and check out our Maggie May blankets and crate pads. Our 5th Anniversary Quilt is in the works, we are so excited and we will announce details soon!

Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions, thoughts, ideas, and of course if you have spare time, we welcome any help!

Welcome to Jackie’s Corner!

JACKIE’S PET PEEVES – June 5, 2018

To my furry friends, I am sure you have a few things that irk your leash, cause I sure do!

Pet Peeve #1
Why can’t I have a snack after my teeth are brushed?  What is with that, shouldn’t I be rewarded for being a good girl and by letting my human shove a brush in my mouth. Ok, so I do love the coconut and turmeric combo, but don’t tell my human!

Pet Peeve #2
How many of you sleep with your humans?  I do most of the time, but sometimes, I just want some solitude and take off to my crate, my zillions of blankets and of course a hot water bottle! I am spoiled! But, when I do sleep on the bed, which I thought was mine too, I like to stretch out, tell me why 6” is not enough space for one human. No, I guess not because I am moved over to make room for my humans and woken from my sweet dreams!

Pet Peeve #3
So, one of my humans works from home, and when I want attention, I should get it, don’t you think?  Sometimes she makes room for me on the desk so I can snooze or watch her do whatever she does,  (she’s asks If I am happy now, of course I am).  Then the printer goes off, well what’s with that noise, I am out of there, that monster is not going to get me, thanks Printer for ruining my naps!

Pet Peeve #4
I am going to get serious now, this is more than a pet peeve!  As you all know, I am a water baby, I love to swim, I have temper tantrums (not as bad as when I was younger) if I see water and can’t get to it. One of my favorite swim holes is Rolley Lake, my humans take me out first thing in the morning a few times a week, I am so happy. But, last week, what’s with the fisherman at this dog beach that’s about 10 feet wide! Do they not have anywhere else to fish at around the lake? Then, the Ranger comes by and says no more Off Leash.  How on earth am I supposed to swim on a LEASH! I guess a dog got away from their human and ran onto the public beach and created a ruckus. So now they say it’s a liability. There goes Rolley. I say to humans if you can’t control your furball, then don’t ruin the fun for those that just want to swim, keep them on leash.  Good thing I have a back-up swim hole!

Pet Peeve #5
Continuing on, with my rant!  If, your beloved furball poops, please pick it up! And, please don’t just put it a doggy bag and leave it there.  Because of a few bad humans, it ruins the fun for the rest of us.  I can no longer go to my favourite ball field and play ball!  A dog needs to run and play, so please humans, be responsible pet parents.

Pet Peeve #6
Last one, I promise.  I used to go to dog parks, but they are dangerous!  I don’t think there should be balls, toys or food at dog parks, they just create trouble. I know, because I am trouble, I love food and if you have a Chuck-it ball, well your dog may think it’s his, but I will take it and make it mine. So I don’t go to dog parks because it’s just safer that way. So humans, keep it simple, and just let us dogs be dogs at the dog park.

Ok, that’s it.  My work is done for today. I need a nap!  See you next time!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – January 1, 2019

Hello 2019! Where oh where did 2018 go! It’s been a very busy year for my worker bee (aka Mum) and I, but I finally tied her down, (well not really because I have paws that can’t tie), to translate my blog from UDBL (Universal Doggie Bark Language) to English, otherwise you would have no idea what I am talking about and I would just be barking and barking my head off.


Any hoo, I hope you had a great year, I sure did, it was especially super-duper when my best beau Louie got to stay with us for 6 weeks during the summer and again for Christmas. He goes home next week after his mum gets home from visiting her human family. I know he misses her but I like having him here, we don’t wrestle as much as we used to, because we are older now and more mature, well, ok sometimes we still chase each other around the house, and go after each others bully sticks and beg for food together, which doesn’t usually work because you know who is trying to keep us in shape … yeesh … doesn’t she know it’s Christmas!!  We got lots of stuff in our stocking and home-made cookies.


We tried super hard to stay up til Midnight last night, but we were snoring by 10.


My friends Salsa & Rosie stayed with us for a week in September, I liked that too, they don’t play so much but we have a nice time together, it’s a lot quieter my Mum says.  The 4 of us make a great team! I love my friends and friends are important, right?  They also make great Assistant Supervisors.


We also welcomed Snickers to the team as our mascot, he is super cute.



Under my superb supervision we got tons of sewing done last year and met all our Christmas deadlines, it’s gonna be an awesome anniversary quilt in 2019. I’ll  be working on the design soon, I think we should sew in some dog cookies, don’t you think? My worker bee just nudged me and said to say that she will be catching up on posting blankets and furry friends soon, she’s a bit behind on stuff like that, but I know she works really hard for the peanuts I pay her …. Lol …. What’s a peanut?

My biggest accomplishment in 2018 was not getting skunked, although I almost got raccooned! I was just curious, don’t know why my Mum was screaming at me to COME! Of course being a Jack, I don’t listen too good when I am distracted, but no harm done! I swam, I hiked, went on a trip, I think I’ll just do the same this year, but I may try nosework, what do you think, do you think I’d be good at it? Gotta get my titers first, if they can get me to sit still.

My mum follows many animal pages on the internet, and sometimes she cries at the sad stories, so I know how important the Maggie May fund is to her and to me, to do our part in helping other animals, so we will keep doing our very best to help doggies and kitties get well again.  All of us on the Maggie May team thank everyone for supporting us and we wish everyone a very Happy New Year and many friends to get into trouble with.