Memorial Donations

June 9, 2014 – A very special thank you to Sharon Kitchener!

Vivian Kitchener Donation

In memory of her Mom, whom she sadly lost not too long ago, Sharon has made a very generous donation to “In Memory of Maggie May”. We are overwhelmed by her generosity. We are very grateful and are honoured to accept this donation in Vivian Kitchener’s memory and will do our very best to make her proud. Sharon is a huge supporter of our efforts and believes in us and what we are trying to do. A very heartfelt thank you to the Kitchener Family!

Vivian (nee McElroy) Kitchener  May 1, 1936 – April 4, 2014

October 2014 – A very special thank you to the Matheson family!

In memory of Denver, who crossed over the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago. Denver, a Golden Retriever, was 11 years old.  Although we have no photo to share, his family described him as happy, lovable and full of life. There are many memories that they will hold on to, but he will be sadly missed.

October 2015 – A very special thank you to the Linder family and Rosie!

Nia_aIn Memory Of Nia, and In Honour of her sister Rosie. Nia left this world far too soon, but the love that she bestowed on her family is like no other and she will forever have a special place in their hearts.  Although the days get easier, the memories never fade and Nia will always be missed.

Nia  November 21, 2001 – August 19, 2010

July 2017 – A very special thank you to the Linder family!

In Memory of Rosie.  Sweet Rosie earned her wings and has flown to be with her sister Nia in the heavens above. Rosie is a long time furry friend of “In Memory of Maggie May”. She has a number of Maggie May blankets in her stash, she loved her purples and her pinks. Rosie would have been 15 in September, she had a beautiful life, full of wonder. RIP little one.

September 2020 – Paying it forward!

Dudley sadly passed away last year, but is a member of the Maggie May family forever. His mum wrote and wanted to donate to the Maggie May fund … she writes ” I will never forget what you did for my Dudley” and hopes that it helps another dog live ❤️

We are very appreciate of Shannon’s generous donation in Dudley’s honour whom she say’s was the best dog ever.

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