IN MEMORY OF MAGGIE MAY is a non-profit organization, launched on October 11, 2013, one year after losing our beloved Maggie. In Memory of Maggie May is dedicated to Maggie May and to those before and after her … to honour their courageousness in their battle with cancer.

Maggie, our beloved Jack Russell Terrier was born on January 21, 1999, but sadly lost her battle with Lymphoma on October 11, 2012. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of our Maggie May, she is missed every day, she will never be forgotten and her spirit will forever be, in our hearts.


IN MEMORY OF MAGGIE MAY is committed to raising funds that will financially assist those in need with their pets’s extraordinary medical care.


We believe animals are living souls, not property owned, or exploited. We believe animals have a right to live in harmony with humans. We believe animals deserve to have a home, to feel safe, free, loved and cared for. We believe all animals are to be treated with kindness and compassion.

We dedicate ourselves to raise much needed funds through donations, our anniversary quilts, our pet blankets and crate pads sales. We want to help and be ready to help! We do not want to see pets euthanized or surrendered to shelters unnecessarily. We want to keep the family together!

We review the applications for funding diligently and work with our medical consults to ensure funds are distributed in accordance to our set criteria and financial need.

We account for every dollar, we donate our time and much of the costs to our cause, a cause that we have immense pride in. We will keep everyone updated as to where our fundraising efforts stand, the special pets that we have helped and dedications to those we have lost.

There is a camaraderie amongst animal lovers, and we can only imagine how the lives of animals around the world would change if everyone just did a little bit. We want to grow and are determined to make a difference, one pet at a time!

We will do our very best in Maggie’s name!

You can also follow us on facebook.

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