Today, our group is getting together, not only for a play date for the supervisors of course, but to talk about fundraising and how to promote In Memory of Maggie May.  Currently we raise funds for the memorial account through donations and our Maggie May blankets, and as much as we love creating our blankets, we need to also find other ways to build the fund. We also need to find ways of letting people know about us, and that we are here to help.  We will keep you updated.

What can you do….

Let us know if you have any ideas or how you can help.  Let others know about our Maggie May Blankets  and how they can order. Donate through paypal or at Healing Paws.  But, most importantly, if you know anyone or a family that needs help with their pets medical care, let them know about our fund, and how they can apply for assistance.  And lastly, the next time you are at your vet clinic, let your veterinarian know about us, and refer them to our website.

Thank you all for the support…..keep sharing!


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