FOR MERI & SAM ….. thank you for your support!


Happy pups Meri and Sam were treated to their very own custom MM blankets this week, and as you can tell, we think they like them. They have many blankets, and their mum writes “but Sam prefers not the fleece kind and Meri likes to be fully covered, face and all”.

A while back we made Sam & Meri a custom crate pad, to share, but his sister confiscated it as her own, so we made another just for him.


Sleep well sweet pups. Thank you for supporting the MM Fund!

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For Stoli & Joe …. In Memory

It is always a privilege to create memory quilts for those we have lost. Recently, just in time for the holidays we delivered these to the families of Joe and Stoli. We hope they bring the families comfort. Never forgotten and forever in our hearts.



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE MAY and it’s contest time!

It’s our Maggie’s birthday today, exploring a beach, chasing balls & frisbees were her favourite things to do.  She reminded us everyday to live!!

Once again, to celebrate her special day, and to thank you for supporting the Maggie May fund and pets like Hazel, we are giving away a custom Maggie May Blanket.

For your chance to win a Maggie May Blanket for your furry friend just send us a photo of your “Furry Friend” by email to, or message us on our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to include your name, your Furry Friend’s name and your phone #. (We won’t post the entries with the phone #’s).

The contest runs from January 21, 2020 to February 13, 2020. (Shipping included within Canada) and is open to everyone and every pet! Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Horses, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Fish, etc. Maggie would not have it any other way.

The winner will be drawn by random on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020.

Click HERE to check out our entries.

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MEET HAZEL …. our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund

Bunnies are family too! Hazel is a 4 year old Mini Rex rabbit, a beloved family member and of course, her needs always come first. Recently, Hazel developed a massive lump on her chin that was worsening. Hazel’s guardian was afraid she would lose her and knew she needed immediate care. Hazel was diagnosed with a sub-mandibular abscess and malocclusion of cheek teeth, due to genetics and not preventable. Her veterinarian did not have the tools for the surgery and was referred to West Coast Veterinary Dental, where they have rabbit experts that are able to handle sensitive bunnies, she would be in good hands.  Hazel’s guardian raised whatever she could, and we stepped in to help her with the rest.

Hazel had her surgery on the 7th, and we have received a fantastic update!  Hazel is doing really well, she sits patiently while receiving compresses on her chin, twice a day for “5 minutes straight”.  Hazel is back with her family and her sister Walnut, living the happy life!  Her guardian is very thankful!

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It took us a bit to connect due to work commitments, but this afternoon we were delighted to present this years Anniversary Quilt to our winners Leah & Christian, and just in time for Christmas!



After a few hours talking about our furry loved ones, how much they mean to us, and how much we will do for them, with a few tears too, we said goodbye and sent “Sweet Kisses” on its way to its permanent home. We know it will be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We raised $420 for the Maggie May fund, and we thank you! We also want to thank again Sharon, Mom and Tammy of Sugar Town Quilting for their help in making this beautiful, one of a kind quilt, dedicated to all our pets, and their very sweet kisses of love.

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Supervisor Jackie and I are back sewing today! But before we do, we thought we would give you an update on what’s going on at IMOMM.  Firstly, it’s been an overwhelming year so for us personally, as you all know Miss Jackie was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, not one but 2 types. Thyroid Carcinoma and a Mast Cell Tumor, combined with heart issues, you can imagine how distraught we were.  We certainly did not expect to be fighting Cancer again so soon.  We learned a great deal from Maggie and her cancer, so with Jackie we changed many things such as diet and medical care, opting for a more holistic approach. Yet, Cancer does not care, and here we go again, but this time we are going to beat it. The key, no matter how upsetting it is, you have to pull yourself together and move forward.  Jackie had no idea anything was wrong, except wondering why she was going to the vet so many times. But this crazy little girl loves going to the vet, because she just loves attention, the surgery not so much, but she was a trooper and handled it well and still continues to do so.  You really would not know she has issues, she’s the crazy Jack that she always has been, fully of energy and spunk, but she certainly has gotten more attached to us, wants tons of cuddles, and has become very demanding. She’s a little bugger, but we love her so much. It’s been 7 ½ months now since surgery, the worry is always there, but never in front of her, we have a check-up next week and are hoping for good news.  Animal lovers will understand the emotions of it all, because they are family.

Jackie is a priority, giving her as much attention as I can, while keeping up with the workload at my job. And even though I had to adjust my priorities and could not spend as much time on IMOMM as I would have liked, we hope you understand. We did as much fundraising as we could, and were able to provide medical assistance to Theodore, Bruiser, Dudley, Tigger, BB King, & Diesel this year. This work will always be a part of me.

This year’s Anniversary Quilt, Sweet Kisses, was my favourite, but then they all have been.  But it was even more special this year, it was named for our Jackie.  We raised $420, and was won by Leah Somogyi, we haven’t been able to present the quilt to her yet because of her work commitments, but we are hoping to do so soon. There is a heartwarming story behind it all.

Facebook has been mucking about with our Page, and if you haven’t noticed, you can’t LIKE our page any longer, just to follow.  Numerous requests to find out why have been unanswered. There are no violations on the page neither. Very frustrating and discouraging. We rely on Facebook and word of mouth to share the work we do. We know we have been super behind on our posts, but will be doing the best we can to catch up on our furry friends and their blankets.

We picked up some new fabric a few months back, and will be taking Xmas orders for blankets and crate pads until November 30th.

Next year we will be once again be at the Pet Lover Show in February, and plan on being at the BC Regional Agility Championships in June.

We are managing to get through the year, on behalf of IMOMM, Jackie and I are so grateful for the help we have received from my Mum, Sharon, Tammy of Sugar Town Quilting, Elizabeth, and my husband for picking up the slack at home, thank goodness he can cook.

Well that’s it for now!  Thank you all for your kindness and your patience!

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MEET BB KING …. our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

BB King is a 6 year old Pomeranian, (photo to come). When we were approached for financial assistance by the the animal hospital (whom we have worked with before, and who have once again discounted their fees for those in need), they described BB as “a really sweet dog”, that they wanted to help. The guardian, an elderly gentleman was very upset that his boy was not well and did not have the funds for the medical care BB so desperately needed.  Of course, we would help!  BB King required dental surgery with extractions. We have yet to receive a photo, but have been promised one very soon.  BB is doing well, his guardian is very grateful to all involved in helping him.

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