MEET SHILO … the newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

Shilo back to Squirrel watching.

Shilo Is a 5 year old German Shepard, her Mum’s pride and joy. Shilo came from Kuwait, she had a very important job there as a Bomb Sniffing Dog until she suffered a gunshot wound in the paw! Shilo was then rescued by private citizens and brought to Canada, she was a year old at that time, she had to be 110% healthy before being allowed entry and she was! Her new Mum was anxiously awaiting her arrival, and was ready to give this girl all her love and a new home.

Shilo is now 5 and was the healthiest of dogs until just a few weeks ago when she became lethargic and unable to eat. After seeing her own vet, it was determined she needed to get to Can-West ASAP where it was found that she had a twisted spleen (splenic torsion) and needed lifesaving emergency surgery. Shilo needed a Splenectomy/Gastropexig at a cost of $7500.


There was no choice as to what Shilo’s Mum would do, she was not going to lose her beloved dog and would do whatever she had to do to put together the money needed for this expensive surgery, euthanasia was NOT an option, and that is where we stepped in to help and we could not be any prouder to do so.

Surgery went very well!  It has been a few weeks now since surgery and Shilo is recovering and doing great, she is back to squirrel watching and was even able to visit Santa this past weekend.



Speaking with Shilo’s mum, you can hear in her voice the love and pride that she has for her Shilo, and even told us a story of Shilo’s recent visit to the bank where Shilo flopped on her back in the middle of the floor, legs spread apart (such a lady), and was either showing off her surgery scars or wanting a belly rub. We are looking forward to meeting Shilo soon, we all understand what it takes to be a doggy parent and with your support Shilo is healthy and back to living life!



Shilo is a true Hero!

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Santa P.A.W.S. FUNdraiser · Hosted by Peak Animal Wellness Services – December 14th!

Peak Animal Wellness Services is graciously hosting a fundraiser event on behalf of In Memory Of Maggie May, Little Paws Rescue Society and Hayley’s fund. There will be games (with PRIZES), a silent auction, raffle and 50/50 draw, snacks, and Santa! Bring your own camera to take family and pet pictures with Santa. Its going to be a ton of fun and all to help bring veterinary and rehabilitation services to pets in need.

Tickets are $10 at the door.  See you there! We’ll be there! Bring a friend, furry or human!



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FOR HYPER ….. thank you for your support!

Hyper is the newest member of the HRH Blanket Club, joining siblings Tilly, Zesty, Fixx and Ritzy!  We can hardly wait to get a photo … hint, hint!



The Papillon fabric is part of a generous fabric donation we received from Spoonflower Designs and has been waiting for quite some time to be created into a Maggie May Blanket by these pups Pet Mum. It was finally delivered and we love how it turned out.

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FOR CUBBY …. thank you for your support!

Just in time for Christmas, Cubby gets his own Maggie May blanket! Pretty in green selected special just for him!



Buster (camera shy, here with his ears back), his brother got his special blanket in May and is the first to be included in next year’s Anniversary Quilt!



Cubby was having none of that!  His wish was our command and now has his own blanket to snuggle into. (He will be in next year’s anniversary quilt too!



Meet adorable Cubby, 16 years young!

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FOR RAINIER … thank you for your support!

Rainier has ordered his Christmas blanket with a matching tree ornament!

This handsome boy gets spoiled each Christmas with extra special gifts and this year is no exception with handpicked fabric for his Maggie May Blanket!


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Our 5th Anniversary fundraiser was a super success, raising $720 for the Maggie May fund and yesterday we had the pleasure of presenting our Anniversary Quilt “Pawprints” to a very excited Erin McLaughlin.



Erin has been a supporter of IMOMM since 2015 when we met at our booth at the National Agility Championships. Her furry family (with numerous Maggie May Blankets) are members of the HRH Blanket Club, will there be a new member in the near future?


Erin, has recently relocated to BC from Alberta, so we were very excited to once again be able present our most beloved creation to the winner in person. Erin was all smiles as she says she never wins anything, and sweeter yet, that her “Fixx” and many furry friends she knows are in this years quilt.  This year’s quilt was sought after by many, but as a good friend once said, it goes to where it was meant to go.


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FOR WHISKI … thank you for your support!

 Whiski, a member of the HRH Blanket Club, has added another blanket to her stash! Her pet Mum loved these hooting owls and just had to have it made into a Maggie May Blanket for her Whiski’s Birthday!



We loved how it turned out, the  black and gold is stunning!




Whiski and her Family, all members of the club are huge supporters of IMOMM and we are very appreciative!



Happy Birthday Whiski!

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