IMOMM – It’s our 7th Anniversary!

On October 11th, IMOMM quietly celebrated its 7th Anniversary.  8 years ago Maggie crossed the Rainbow Bridge and although the grief has slowly faded away, a day does not go by that she is not in my thoughts. Her photo sits beside me and my promise to her, I will do my best to keep. I can’t believe it’s been seven years since we started this journey, for a group of just a few, I am proud to say, that we have been able to provide $29,000 in financial support to pets in need.  I think that’s awesome!  Our blankets and your donations have enabled us to make a difference in a pet’s life. Thank You!

What a year 2020 has been, struggles and frustrations for us all. In a crazy mixed up world, we have done what we have needed and have been able to do.  As you know we have had to delay presenting our most favourite fundraiser, the coveted Anniversary Quilt.  It’s still a few weeks away yet as we put on the final touches, but we are pleased to announce the name of our 7th Anniversary Quilt to be “HOPE”.

Hope, “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”.  This couldn’t be truer than for 2020.

HOPE …. that we find our way out of this pandemic, together, that we stay safe and well, that we behave responsibly, with compassion and kindness.

HOPE …. that we will listen to Mother Nature’s warnings and protect our planet and all that dwell on it.

HOPE …. that those who have lost a loved one, animal or human, know they are not alone in their grief and that they are able to honour and remember those lost, and in time to move forward to happier days.

HOPE …. for all animals to be protected from abuse and cruelty, and for harsher penalties and laws for those that do not abide.

HOPE …. for pets that are battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases, and hope that they are able to receive the care that they need.

HOPE .… that IMOMM continues to earn your respect and support that enable us to help guardians and their pets, in Maggie May’s memory.

Challenges lie ahead for all of us, that’s for sure, and together with hope, compassion & kindness, we can be in a better place!

Watch for the reveal of our Anniversary Quilt “Hope” and details on how you can win it while supporting the Maggie May Fund. We love it, as we always do!

Thank you

Eva & Jackie

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MEET BUDDY … our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund

Buddy is a 7 year old Multi Poo referred to us from Central Park Animal Hospital with severe dental problems. His mum adopted him from a family member a few years ago and writes “I love this little guy Buddy dearly”. Recently Buddy was not eating, in pain and needed immediate help.  His mum raised as much as she could for the surgery and had to reach out for further financial assistance. Dr. Sidhu has stepped up once again and we stepped in with Paws of Hope to get this little guy the dental work he just had to have.



Buddy went to the groomers and got all cleaned up for surgery and is looking pretty spiffy but his mum was super nervous and hopeful all goes well.



Buddy was in good hands with Dr Sidhu and Molly at Central Park Animal Hospital. Buddy’s bloodwork was in good shape, so they proceeded with his dental and “sent him home with a new smile”. They reported that Buddy’s family are thrilled and are all over his post-op needs and care at home.


Buddy went home later that evening, resting and whining naturally. Hi mum writes ” my heart feels so blessed he is over the worst of it”.

This past week, he was back in for a check up and is healing very well. “He has been quite the little trooper through all this.” Unfortunately they were not able to do all the dental work that was needed, but once he has fully recovered in a few months, we hope to be able to continue to help Buddy.

Buddy’s mum is very grateful to IMOMM, Paws for Hope, Dr. Sidhu and Molly of Central Park Animal Hospital.  We are thankful to Dr. Sidhu, whom we have worked with before and admire his generosity.

Check out this happy boy today, such a cutie pie.  Thank you to our supporters that are giving Buddy is smile back!

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MEET TANK … our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

TANK – July 2020

Tank is a 3 year old American Bulldog, a family member, who while out playing tore her  left hind meniscus. She was diagnosed with a RACL Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament in both legs, and needed surgery as soon as possible. The family put together what they could for the surgery, and IMOMM, Paws For Hope, and The Vancouver Humane Society collaborated to cover the rest.




The surgery went well and Tank is happy to be home.  It will be a long few months of recovery, no running, playing or jumping for Tank, which we have been told is already not happy about.

She is on her way back to a healthy life!

We are looking forward to happy updates!

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MEET MERCY …. Our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

Mercy is a sweet 12 year old tuxedo cat, with long whiskers, green eyes, 4 white feet and a white chin.  In 2009 her mum adopted Mercy from the SPCA, it was love at first sight, and she affectionately says they are “two peas in a pod”, they spend a lot of time together and have developed a very special bond. Mercy is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a related thyroid tumor. She began medication to treat the thyroid tumor, but because of the hyperthyroidism, she could not tolerate the medication and began having seizures. Once the medication stopped, she improved but now the hyperthyroidism was not being treated. Mercy’s mum contacted North West Nuclear for Animals regarding options, RAI Radioactive Iodine Treatment, a 97% cure but expensive.

Mercy was in a life-threatening situation, but with financial support from IMOMM, Paws for Hope and The Vancouver Humane Society, Mercy received the treatment she needed.

She is still in hospital but doing well, and hopes to be home by weeks end.

Mercy’s Mum loves her girl so much and wanted to share her story. We were very touched by her words and her compassion for Mercy and all animals, and didn’t want to change a word. You can read her full story on our Tails of Help page:

Without your support, we could not help those like Mercy and her Mum.  We  thank you!

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Introducing “Salsa’s Plan”

Salsa joined the “In Memory of Maggie May” team in 2015 as one of the Supervisors of Blanket and Bandanna Making. Salsa & Rosie and her Mum Sharon have been and still are awesome supporters of the Maggie May fund, donating and purchasing “too many to count now” Maggie May blankets to help pets in need. We loved Salsa as though she was one of our own. She was kind, sweet and absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, we lost Salsa this past May, she had just turned 12. Salsa was a huge part of Sharon’s life, and the loss was devastating, which we totally understand and share her grief. She wanted to do something special in Salsa’s name to honour her. She approached us to become a monthly donor to the Maggie May Fund, and we thought better yet, we will give this plan a name, thus Salsa’s Plan was born.

We know all too well the emotions of grief, this is exactly how IMOMM got started, for Maggie, and how special it is to honour those we have lost, by helping others.

If you want to honour your lost pet, consider a donation to the Maggie May fund, or become a monthly supporter. Click on the DONATE link below. We thank you!

* 100% is donated to the Maggie May Memorial Account. Click on the Paypal button to donate or send us an email transfer to:

    • after 2.9% + .30 per transaction fees are deducted by PayPal
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FOR MERI & SAM ….. thank you for your support!


Happy pups Meri and Sam were treated to their very own custom MM blankets this week, and as you can tell, we think they like them. They have many blankets, and their mum writes “but Sam prefers not the fleece kind and Meri likes to be fully covered, face and all”.

A while back we made Sam & Meri a custom crate pad, to share, but his sister confiscated it as her own, so we made another just for him.


Sleep well sweet pups. Thank you for supporting the MM Fund!

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SALSA, never easy to say goodbye!

SALSA 2008-2020 ♥️

We are utterly heartbroken as we announce that yesterday afternoon, Salsa peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge with her Mum and human brother by her side. Salsa was 12 years old, she left us too soon, but she had a life full of love and happiness. ♥️

Salsa joined the Maggie May team in 2014 as a Supervisor, she was very good at her job, very bossy, especially when it came to payday. Salsa was one of the first to order a Maggie May Blanket back in 2013, we have lost count as to how many she actually has, she loved her blankies, and since, her Mum has become a huge supporter of the Maggie May Fund. On a rainy afternoon we finally met Salsa and her Mom, we decided on a walk to Rocky Point and got absolutely soaked, neither dog was impressed, but a lifelong friendship had begun. It is amazing how dogs connect us humans at just the right time. Salsa and her Mum became family. We got to know and love Salsa, she was special, her eyes twinkled with sweetness, and everyone she met, loved her. She became a therapy dog too, comforting seniors, and bringing smiles to their faces. ♥️

Salsa’s Mum was very fortunate to eventually be able to adopt Rosie too. You see, Salsa was Rosie’s mum. They were in separable, they slept the same way, they barked for treats the same way, they were quite the pair. Salsa & Rosie had many sleepovers with Jackie, they got along great. Jackie was a lazy girl in the morning, but Salsa, at 5am, she was at the side of the bed, pawing at us for breakfast, she knew when it was treat time too, boy did she know. She loved to lay in the sun and run in the sand and snow. We had fun dressing up Salsa and the gang at Halloween, good sports they were, and she even donned goggles on pool day. We will miss you so much Salsa, you brightened our lives, and you will always have a special place in our hearts. RIP sweet girl. We love you forever.♥️

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For Stoli & Joe …. In Memory

It is always a privilege to create memory quilts for those we have lost. Recently, just in time for the holidays we delivered these to the families of Joe and Stoli. We hope they bring the families comfort. Never forgotten and forever in our hearts.



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE MAY and it’s contest time!

It’s our Maggie’s birthday today, exploring a beach, chasing balls & frisbees were her favourite things to do.  She reminded us everyday to live!!

Once again, to celebrate her special day, and to thank you for supporting the Maggie May fund and pets like Hazel, we are giving away a custom Maggie May Blanket.

For your chance to win a Maggie May Blanket for your furry friend just send us a photo of your “Furry Friend” by email to, or message us on our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to include your name, your Furry Friend’s name and your phone #. (We won’t post the entries with the phone #’s).

The contest runs from January 21, 2020 to February 13, 2020. (Shipping included within Canada) and is open to everyone and every pet! Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Horses, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Fish, etc. Maggie would not have it any other way.

The winner will be drawn by random on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020.

Click HERE to check out our entries.

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MEET HAZEL …. our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund

Bunnies are family too! Hazel is a 4 year old Mini Rex rabbit, a beloved family member and of course, her needs always come first. Recently, Hazel developed a massive lump on her chin that was worsening. Hazel’s guardian was afraid she would lose her and knew she needed immediate care. Hazel was diagnosed with a sub-mandibular abscess and malocclusion of cheek teeth, due to genetics and not preventable. Her veterinarian did not have the tools for the surgery and was referred to West Coast Veterinary Dental, where they have rabbit experts that are able to handle sensitive bunnies, she would be in good hands.  Hazel’s guardian raised whatever she could, and we stepped in to help her with the rest.

Hazel had her surgery on the 7th, and we have received a fantastic update!  Hazel is doing really well, she sits patiently while receiving compresses on her chin, twice a day for “5 minutes straight”.  Hazel is back with her family and her sister Walnut, living the happy life!  Her guardian is very thankful!

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