FOR BUSTER … thank you for your support!

Just delivered and the first to be in our “2019” Anniversary Quilt!  Buster carefully selected the print for his Maggie May blanket, handsome in blues!



When Buster’s Mum wrote to us that “It’s like Buster instinctively knows it’s his and he loves it already”, how sweet is that!




A happy customer supporting a pet in need!  It was a sincere pleasure to meet Buster and his Mum, and we thank them for supporting the Maggie May fund.

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We are proud to introduce The HRH Blanket Club, lovingly dedicated to the memory of HRH Finnegan!

We are so appreciative of the support we receive for the Maggie May fund, that we wanted to recognize those supporters that have gone above and beyond by purchasing multiple, and we mean multiple, Maggie May blankets for their furry loved ones. They have become special members of the Maggie May family and we are truly blessed by their kind and giving souls. Without mentioning these human’s true identities, nor revealing how many blankets that have in their stash (because we have lost count), we thank them with all our hearts.

We endearingly call the club the Crazy Blanket Club, but seriously, we have dedicated the club to HRH Finnegan. HRH Finnegan has been a furry friend of IMOMM since 2015 when he received his first of many Maggie May blankets. We were privileged to finally meet Finnegan at the Agility Championships in 2017, a handsome and truly regal prince. Finnegan was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November, but sadly lost his brave battle and passed away peacefully in March 2018. He was spoiled, very much loved and the perfect brother to Fysti and Fender.

We know only too well the devastation of losing a furry loved one to this horrible disease called cancer. Our hearts were heavy when we received the news. We knew then that we wanted to dedicate the club to Finnegan and after a while we reached out to Finnegan’s humans about doing so. They were honoured, they suggested we call the club, The HRH Blanket Club, recognizing His or Her Royal Highness, because no matter the gender, the breed, the species,  they are and always will be royalties in our hearts!

RIP Finnegan, we hope you have met up with our Maggie and are running free!

We are pleased to welcome to the club:  HRH Finnegan, Fysti, Fender, Salsa, Rosie, Tilly, Zesty, Fixx, Ritzy, Maddy, Whiski, Rum Toddy & Keoke!





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FOR TAKODA, FIXX, NOVA, RAINE & PIPER …. thank you for your support!

Out for delivery today is for newly adopted Takoda (photo to follow shortly). His colourful Maggie May blanket was perfectly selected by some very special friends.


We met Fixx at the Pet Lover show and her Maggie May Blanket is ready for pick up!


Newly adopted Nova received her Maggie May blanket a few weeks ago.


And Rainier ordered blankets with coordinating fabrics for his friends Raine and Piper.



Takoda, Fixx, Nova, Raine & Piper are just a few that will be included in this years Anniversary Quilt, reveal coming September 2018.

Order your personalized Maggie May Blanket by April 30th to be included this year!

For details on how to order, and to view our fabrics, Click on the paw >>>

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FOR JINX ….. congratulations!

Jinx was the winner of our 5th annual Maggie May Birthday Blanket Contest and on Friday we decided to take a road trip to Hope and hand deliver his blanket.  It appears Hope is a lucky spot, 3 winners from there so far.


It is always special to us when we can deliver in person, it was lovely to meet his Mum, unfortunately Jinx was out catching mice when we arrived, but she knew he would love his blanket.



Congratulations again Jinx, enjoy your blanket!

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FOR SAWYER ….. thank you for your support!


We love the blues that were chosen for Sawyer’s blanket by his Auntie and pal Rainier!



We were sent these lovely photo’s of sweet Sawyer and were told he loves his Maggie May blanket and snuggled upon it right away.



We always say that there is something very special in our blankets … Maggie’s spirit, and she is watching over Sawyer as he recovers from surgery.



Sawyer, we are thinking of you and wish you well!  

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MEET SNICKERS ….. our honourary mascot!

Melissa of Pawsh Pet Services has been a follower and supporter of the Maggie May Fund from the beginning, we have always kept in touch, and just before Christmas we did a very special memory quilt for her.  At that time she said she would love to help us out at the Pet Lover Show, which we welcomed with open arms. But, she also mentioned that she maybe fostering a sweet pup named Snickers. There was nothing set in stone, but the way she spoke of Snickers, we knew this was going to be a foster fail for sure.  Snickers is a special needs pup, an accident that happened about a year ago, which no one knows the full details of, but irregardless, Melissa knew that Snickers was going to be a big part of her life. 





We were so excited when she said she would bring Snickers to the Pet Lover Show and that we would finally get to meet him. 




And we did, we fell instantly in love with him, we even got in a snuggle or two!  We could see that these two were inseparable and it was meant to be. 



At the show, she told us it was official, Melissa adopted Snickers, and they were a family!  We are so happy for them both!




We were so enamoured with Snickers, that we decided to name Snickers an honorary mascot of the Maggie May fund!  Welcome Snickers!

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Creating blankets for our furry friends is what we love to do!  A large portion of the funds we have to help our furry friends that need medical care, come from our blanket sales!  We are very fortunate that we get amazing pricing on our fabrics and even more fortunate when we have fabric donated to IMOMM. A few months back, Spoonflower Designs generously sent us a great big box of amazing prints … check out below the blankets we created from them and that are now available to you to order.

When you order a blanket you are helping pets get back on their feet and we thank you!

To Order a blanket click here >>>> QUILTED PET BLANKETS

To view all our Ready-Made blankets click here >>> READY-MADE BLANKETS

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