FOR FENDER …. thank you for your support!

HRH Finnegan and Fysti have welcomed their new baby brother to the family and decided to spoil him with a Maggie May blanket for Christmas. Finnegan and Fysti are not strangers to us, as we have lost count as to how many MM blankets they have in their stash!


They ordered the perfect colour combo for their new baby brother and it is on it’s way to a Alberta, just in time for Christmas!

Their Mom reports that “Finnegan is the perfect brother to Fender, super tolerant and lets him cuddle and lick him all over”. Fysti we are told is “living in quiet disdain”,  but we are sure the little guy will worm his way into her heart too!  Merry Christmas to you all!




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Gavin was only a few months old when he came into his guardian’s life, that was 8 years ago.  We asked for a story he would like to share. He writes; “My mom was supposed to go get me a video game and ended up bringing him home to me when he was a couple months old, my mom was at the store and it was a choice between him and his siblings and Gavin was flicking litter at my mom and was the only one interacting with her and she knew he was the one, he’s been my best friend ever since and has gotten me through everything. I always tell people that he was supposed to be a video game and they laugh.”

Gavin’s guardian found a lump and was seriously concerned that there was something really wrong.  He was vomiting and his mood was off and on.  Gavin was diagnosed with a cutaneous mass left to the prepuce. It had to be removed and was given a positive prognosis! But it could not be known if the mass was cancerous or not until it could be tested once removed.  We stepped in to help Gavin get his surgery a few weeks ago. The surgery went well, they were able to get it all, but the mass was tested to be cancerous. There is potential that it will return but we are all hopeful that it will not.  His guardian will be keeping a watchful eye on the area.

Gavin’s guardian is so very grateful to the Maggie May Fund for helping his “beautiful guy”  and sent us the photo of his “old man”.  We all know how much our pets mean to us, especially in hard times, and being able to help Gavin and his guardian makes the heart feel really good.

We will share happy updates on our Tails of Help page.


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FOR NA’VI …. winner of Little Paws Silent Auction!

Little Paws Rescue Society recently had a fundraiser in which we donated a Maggie May Blanket. We love the work that these wonderful woman do, and when we can, we support other organizations that we are connected to.

Handsome NA’VI was the winner of the silent auction, and we personalized his blanket with his name and delivered it on Friday!

Na’vi is the name of the people and language in the movie Avatar, which is his Mom’s favourite movie.

His Mom could not wait til Christmas to give it to him!

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FOR BANDIT …. thank you for your support!

Bandit received his first Maggie May blanket a few years ago, all in blues, with a special request for a future blanket with Chinese Crested pups if we ever came across some.


We have been looking for Chinese Crested fabric ever since. We finally found the perfect print at Spoonflower Designs, and delivered his custom blanket on Friday.

It always makes our day when we can personally deliver our blankets and meet the wonderful people who support us and their special fur babies!

Bandit is 8 years old and a real cutie pie, we managed to get some photo’s when he finally sat still for a second!  Merry Christmas Bandit!

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FOR RIPPLE & STAR …. thank you for support!

Ripple & Star were winners of a custom Maggie May blanket at the 2017 National Agility Championships.  The silent auction benefited  SAINTS, Little Paws Rescue and the Pet Safe Coalition. We were very happy to support such worthy causes.

It is finally on its way to Edmonton!


Congratulations and thank your for your patience while our machine was in the shop!

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Our amazing supporter, Pet Food ‘n More is holding a fundraiser event at their Coquiltlam store for the Maggie May fund.

We are joining their staff for an afternoon of fun & awareness. We are bringing our pet blankets and crate pads for you to find something unique for your pet …..the perfect Christmas gift.

The store is open from 9am to 7pm, and the event runs from 12pm-4pm: tell all your pals and bring your furry one too!

Your support helps pets in need!

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We welcome Dr. Judith Siegert of Port Moody Animal Hospital to the team.  We met Dr. Siegert at the Regional Agility Championships and again at Nationals this year. We connected straight away, and realized quickly that our own fur babies could do no wrong!  We loved her approach to provide all-round holistic care. We talked about our Non-Profit IMOMM, our mission to help pets in need and our funding process. She was very keen! We asked if she would consider joining Dr. Walton as a medical consult to the Maggie May fund and she said yes!  She appreciates the effort we put into our application process to ensure that our funds were going to those that needed it most. We are very privileged to have 2 medical consults on board! Welcome to the team Dr. Siegert!

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