Introducing “Salsa’s Plan”

Salsa joined the “In Memory of Maggie May” team in 2015 as one of the Supervisors of Blanket and Bandanna Making. Salsa & Rosie and her Mum Sharon have been and still are awesome supporters of the Maggie May fund, donating and purchasing “too many to count now” Maggie May blankets to help pets in need. We loved Salsa as though she was one of our own. She was kind, sweet and absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, we lost Salsa this past May, she had just turned 12. Salsa was a huge part of Sharon’s life, and the loss was devastating, which we totally understand and share her grief. She wanted to do something special in Salsa’s name to honour her. She approached us to become a monthly donor to the Maggie May Fund, and we thought better yet, we will give this plan a name, thus Salsa’s Plan was born.

We know all too well the emotions of grief, this is exactly how IMOMM got started, for Maggie, and how special it is to honour those we have lost, by helping others.

If you want to honour your lost pet, consider a donation to the Maggie May fund, or become a monthly supporter. Click on the DONATE link below. We thank you!

* 100% is donated to the Maggie May Memorial Account. Click on the Paypal button to donate or send us an email transfer to:

    • after 2.9% + .30 per transaction fees are deducted by PayPal
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