MEET MERCY …. Our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

Mercy is a sweet 12 year old tuxedo cat, with long whiskers, green eyes, 4 white feet and a white chin.  In 2009 her mum adopted Mercy from the SPCA, it was love at first sight, and she affectionately says they are “two peas in a pod”, they spend a lot of time together and have developed a very special bond. Mercy is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a related thyroid tumor. She began medication to treat the thyroid tumor, but because of the hyperthyroidism, she could not tolerate the medication and began having seizures. Once the medication stopped, she improved but now the hyperthyroidism was not being treated. Mercy’s mum contacted North West Nuclear for Animals regarding options, RAI Radioactive Iodine Treatment, a 97% cure but expensive.

Mercy was in a life-threatening situation, but with financial support from IMOMM, Paws for Hope and The Vancouver Humane Society, Mercy received the treatment she needed.

She is still in hospital but doing well, and hopes to be home by weeks end.

Mercy’s Mum loves her girl so much and wanted to share her story. We were very touched by her words and her compassion for Mercy and all animals, and didn’t want to change a word. You can read her full story on our Tails of Help page:

Without your support, we could not help those like Mercy and her Mum.  We  thank you!

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