MEET SNICKERS ….. our honourary mascot!

Melissa of Pawsh Pet Services has been a follower and supporter of the Maggie May Fund from the beginning, we have always kept in touch, and just before Christmas we did a very special memory quilt for her.  At that time she said she would love to help us out at the Pet Lover Show, which we welcomed with open arms. But, she also mentioned that she maybe fostering a sweet pup named Snickers. There was nothing set in stone, but the way she spoke of Snickers, we knew this was going to be a foster fail for sure.  Snickers is a special needs pup, an accident that happened about a year ago, which no one knows the full details of, but irregardless, Melissa knew that Snickers was going to be a big part of her life. 





We were so excited when she said she would bring Snickers to the Pet Lover Show and that we would finally get to meet him. 




And we did, we fell instantly in love with him, we even got in a snuggle or two!  We could see that these two were inseparable and it was meant to be. 



At the show, she told us it was official, Melissa adopted Snickers, and they were a family!  We are so happy for them both!




We were so enamoured with Snickers, that we decided to name Snickers an honorary mascot of the Maggie May fund!  Welcome Snickers!

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Creating blankets for our furry friends is what we love to do!  A large portion of the funds we have to help our furry friends that need medical care, come from our blanket sales!  We are very fortunate that we get amazing pricing on our fabrics and even more fortunate when we have fabric donated to IMOMM. A few months back, Spoonflower Designs generously sent us a great big box of amazing prints … check out below the blankets we created from them and that are now available to you to order.

When you order a blanket you are helping pets get back on their feet and we thank you!

To Order a blanket click here >>>> QUILTED PET BLANKETS

To view all our Ready-Made blankets click here >>> READY-MADE BLANKETS

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JinxZ is the lucky winner of a custom Maggie May blanket! 




Our friends, Heather and Dylan of Pet Food N More, in Maple Ridge did the honours and drew JinxZ from our lucky bucket!

His family is very excited and have already chosen the fabric for his one of a kind blanket.

Thank you all for playing and celebrating Maggie’s Birthday with us. We will be doing it again next year! Sharing Maggie’s spirit in our blankets!

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FOR COOPER …. thank you for your support!

There is a very special story behind Cooper’s Maggie May Blanket. A few years ago, we were asked to do a blanket for a very special girl named Merida, in memory of her mum’s other girl, named Maggie Mae. It touched our hearts to do this for her friend.

Last week, this lovely lady with a great big heart, asked us again to do another blanket for her friend, this time for her pup Cooper. Cooper, you see, was just diagnosed with Lymphoma, you can imagine how we felt, our hearts sank.

She requested a ready made quilt, which was on our site, but it hadn’t sold yet, and we never put it out at our shows. We loved the fabric and were thinking of giving it to our girl, but just hadn’t yet.  We now know why it was still there, it wasn’t meant for Jackie at all, it was meant for Cooper.

This special blanket is in memory of our Maggie May, Cooper’s Maggie Mae and beloved Pepe, they are all watching over Cooper these days.


We hope our blanket brings Cooper comfort while he is going through treatment.

Cooper is in our thoughts and prayers.

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FOR RAINIER … thank you for your support!

The fabric choices for Rainier’s Maggie May blanket were perfectly selected by his Mom, and he’s loving it!

Rainier is a show champion, his Mom is very proud of his boy and and laughingly says he’s known to be quite the ladies man!

Our blankets are perfect when you want to sit pretty ….. or even better when it’s mucked up.


Looking very handsome Rainier!


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FOR KIRA ….. thank you for your support!

Sweet Kira was surprised with her Maggie May blanket this Christmas and we were delighted to use fabric from Spoonflower Designs in her creation.



It suits her to a tee!




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Sugar is everything to her guardian. Sugar was rescued from an abusive home when she was only a month old in 2002 and has been living a healthy life til now.  Our furry loved ones are our miracles. This case is no exception, because without Sugar, her guardian feels she would not be alive today, due to a serious injury. Sugar knew her guardian was ill but as our furry ones do, she made her feel not alone.  She lovingly says Sugar would sit on her chest and keep her warm. Sugar protected her.  But a few weeks ago, Sugar faced her own battle with illness, she was losing weight and getting sick. She was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, and needed treatment quickly.

We all do whatever we can for our furry loved ones, we are so glad we were able to be there for Sugar and her guardian.

Her vet says Sugar is very sweet and reported today she was gaining weight and is stable and will be doing a check up in a few weeks!

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