We had a wonderful response to Maggie’s Birthday Blanket Contest, 42 to be exact, including a Goat! Being that it would have been Maggie’s 20th Birthday, we decided to surprise everyone and give away 2 Maggie May Blankets this year.  At 4pm on February 14th,  off we went to Pet Food N More, where Zach pulled the lucky winners, after our Supervisor Jackie blessed the lucky draw bucket and got herself a treat of course!  Needless to say, the winners were over the moon with excitement, Congratulations Terry & Ray.  We are looking forward to creating your very own custom Maggie May Blanket!  Stay tuned!

Check out the entries on our Facebook page by clicking >>>> HERE

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FOR PERKA …. thank you for your support!

This is Perka, also known as “Brewed to Perkfection”, whose Mum who loves quilts and papillons.  She noticed a quilt we had made using Spoonflower fabric, so she ordered the print she liked from then and shipped it to us to make a one of a kind quilt for her girl.  We love how it turned out, and colours suit her girl Perka, perkfectly!

PERKA and her friend FIA


Shipped, all the way to Indiana, we share Maggie’s spirit !

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FOR SLOAN AND MOMMA BEE … thank you for your support!

A few years back we made a very special Maggie May Blanket for a cute little boy named Sloan, little did we know, 2 years later how much he had grown!  Wow, he needed a new MM blanket, and it was going to be at least a twin! So we made him one!

Then his sister, Momma Bee wanted one as well, another twin size one, so we made her one too!



Their human says upon opening the parcel …. “I wish you could’ve seen both our reactions when I pulled them out. We were both ohhhhhh they’re beautiful very girly high pitched squeals”. Bee is pretty attached to hers already. She doesn’t want anyone else laying on it, and my Sloan, he’s always happy to share as long as someone wants to cuddle with him.”




They love them, a huge success, and it was our pleasure to share Maggie’s love to these two amazing dogs in a Maggie May Blanket!


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It’s our Maggie’s birthday today, she would have been 20! She was so full of life, enjoying every moment, and treasuring every adventure. Maggie is always in our hearts!

Maggie loved presents, so we are giving away a custom Maggie May Blanket to celebrate Maggie’s special day. This is an annual tradition now, the 6th year of our Birthday Blanket Contest!

For your chance to win a Maggie May Blanket for your furry friend just send us a photo of your “Furry Friend” by email to, or message us on our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to include your name, your Furry Friend’s name and your phone #. (We won’t post the entries with the phone #’s).

The contest runs from January 21, 2019 to February 13, 2019. (Shipping included within Canada) and is open to everyone and every pet!  Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Fish, etc. Maggie would not have it any other way.

The winner will be drawn by random on Valentines Day, February 14, 2019. Our friends at Pet Food N More in Maple Ridge will be doing the honours at 3pm

Click HERE to check out out 2019 contest. Click HERE to check out our 2018 contest. Click HERE to see our blankets.

Good luck everybody!!

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Hello 2019! Where oh where did 2018 go! It’s been a very busy year for my worker bee (aka Mum) and I, but I finally tied her down, (well not really because I have paws that can’t tie), to translate my blog from UDBL (Universal Doggie Bark Language) to English, otherwise you would have no idea what I am talking about and I would just be barking and barking my head off.



Any hoo, I hope you had a great year, I sure did, it was especially super-duper when my best beau Louie got to stay with us for 6 weeks during the summer and again for Christmas. He goes home next week after his mum gets home from visiting her human family. I know he misses her but I like having him here, we don’t wrestle as much as we used to, because we are older now and more mature, well, ok sometimes we still chase each other around the house, and go after each others bully sticks and beg for food together, which doesn’t usually work because you know who is trying to keep us in shape … yeesh … doesn’t she know it’s Christmas!!  We got lots of stuff in our stocking and home-made cookies.


We tried super hard to stay up til Midnight last night, but we were snoring by 10.


My friends Salsa & Rosie stayed with us for a week in September, I liked that too, they don’t play so much but we have a nice time together, it’s a lot quieter my Mum says.  The 4 of us make a great team! I love my friends and friends are important, right?  They also make great Assistant Supervisors.


We also welcomed Snickers to the team as our mascot, he is super cute.



Under my superb supervision we got tons of sewing done last year and met all our Christmas deadlines, it’s gonna be an awesome anniversary quilt in 2019. I’ll be working on the design soon, I think we should sew in some dog cookies, don’t you think? My worker bee just nudged me and said to say that she will be catching up on posting blankets and furry friends soon, she’s a bit behind on stuff like that, but I know she works really hard for the peanuts I pay her …. Lol …. What’s a peanut?

My biggest accomplishment in 2018 was not getting skunked, although I almost got raccooned! I was just curious, don’t know why my Mum was screaming at me to COME! Of course being a Jack, I don’t listen too good when I am distracted, but no harm done! I swam, I hiked, went on a trip, I think I’ll just do the same this year, but I may try nosework, what do you think, do you think I’d be good at it? Gotta get my titers first, if they can get me to sit still.

My mum follows many animal pages on the internet, and sometimes she cries at the sad stories, so I know how important the Maggie May fund is to her and to me, to do our part in helping other animals, so we will keep doing our very best to help doggies and kitties get well again.  All of us on the Maggie May team thank everyone for supporting us and we wish everyone a very Happy New Year and many friends to get into trouble with.

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MEET SHILO … the newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

Shilo back to Squirrel watching.

Shilo Is a 5 year old German Shepard, her Mum’s pride and joy. Shilo came from Kuwait, she had a very important job there as a Bomb Sniffing Dog until she suffered a gunshot wound in the paw! Shilo was then rescued by private citizens and brought to Canada, she was a year old at that time, she had to be 110% healthy before being allowed entry and she was! Her new Mum was anxiously awaiting her arrival, and was ready to give this girl all her love and a new home.

Shilo is now 5 and was the healthiest of dogs until just a few weeks ago when she became lethargic and unable to eat. After seeing her own vet, it was determined she needed to get to Can-West ASAP where it was found that she had a twisted spleen (splenic torsion) and needed lifesaving emergency surgery. Shilo needed a Splenectomy/Gastropexig at a cost of $7500.


There was no choice as to what Shilo’s Mum would do, she was not going to lose her beloved dog and would do whatever she had to do to put together the money needed for this expensive surgery, euthanasia was NOT an option, and that is where we stepped in to help and we could not be any prouder to do so.

Surgery went very well!  It has been a few weeks now since surgery and Shilo is recovering and doing great, she is back to squirrel watching and was even able to visit Santa this past weekend.



Speaking with Shilo’s mum, you can hear in her voice the love and pride that she has for her Shilo, and even told us a story of Shilo’s recent visit to the bank where Shilo flopped on her back in the middle of the floor, legs spread apart (such a lady), and was either showing off her surgery scars or wanting a belly rub. We are looking forward to meeting Shilo soon, we all understand what it takes to be a doggy parent and with your support Shilo is healthy and back to living life!



Shilo is a true Hero!

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Santa P.A.W.S. FUNdraiser · Hosted by Peak Animal Wellness Services – December 14th!

Peak Animal Wellness Services is graciously hosting a fundraiser event on behalf of In Memory Of Maggie May, Little Paws Rescue Society and Hayley’s fund. There will be games (with PRIZES), a silent auction, raffle and 50/50 draw, snacks, and Santa! Bring your own camera to take family and pet pictures with Santa. Its going to be a ton of fun and all to help bring veterinary and rehabilitation services to pets in need.

Tickets are $10 at the door.  See you there! We’ll be there! Bring a friend, furry or human!



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