Our 5th Anniversary fundraiser was a super success, raising $720 for the Maggie May fund and yesterday we had the pleasure of presenting our Anniversary Quilt “Pawprints” to a very excited Erin McLaughlin.



Erin has been a supporter of IMOMM since 2015 when we met at our booth at the National Agility Championships. Her furry family (with numerous Maggie May Blankets) are members of the HRH Blanket Club, will there be a new member in the near future?


Erin, has recently relocated to BC from Alberta, so we were very excited to once again be able present our most beloved creation to the winner in person. Erin was all smiles as she says she never wins anything, and sweeter yet, that her “Fixx” and many furry friends she knows are in this years quilt.  This year’s quilt was sought after by many, but as a good friend once said, it goes to where it was meant to go.


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FOR WHISKI … thank you for your support!

 Whiski, a member of the HRH Blanket Club, has added another blanket to her stash! Her pet Mum loved these hooting owls and just had to have it made into a Maggie May Blanket for her Whiski’s Birthday!



We loved how it turned out, the  black and gold is stunning!




Whiski and her Family, all members of the club are huge supporters of IMOMM and we are very appreciative!



Happy Birthday Whiski!

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It is always an honour for us when we are asked to do a memory quilt, their story and the love for their pet touches our hearts. It took a bit to get it right but we finally did and delivered it last week.

It began this summer where we had a booth at the BC & Yukon Agility Championships, to which we always donate a gift certificate for a custom blanket to their raffle fundraiser (this year it was to purchase 2 AED’s, Automated External Defibrillator Devices which would be used at agility trials as part of the first aid preparedness).

We spoke with Jiggs & Annie’s pet mum at our booth, we talked about our special ones and how much they mean to us.  She had to leave to compete but came back later, with a big smile and holding our gift certificate. She had won the raffle! Sometimes, somethings were just meant to be. How special is that!



Jiggs and Annie sadly passed away not too long ago, we know how hard it is, we just hope that comfort is found in our Maggie May blanket that is in memory of 2 very special pups.



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The winner of our 5th Anniversary Quilt “Pawprints” is: ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CONGRATULATIONS!

This year’s Anniversary Quilt raised $720 and sold 200 tickets!  WOW, we smashed our record!


Thank you to Lori & Brian of Pet Food N More, for doing the honours! Thank you to Miss Jackie for supervising the event, and to all of you for your awesome support ♥️

Click HERE to see more!

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6 years ago, October 11, 2012 at 4pm our little girl, Maggie May went on a journey to a beautiful place called Heaven. That day is still very clear in my mind, and I know that as hard as it was to let her go, we knew we had to, it was our gift of love to her. On her last day, we took her to her favourite places, she walked a little bit, but mostly we carried her, we tried not to cry, we hugged her, we told her how much we loved her and how brave she was. If I can say one thing to you all, when it’s time, please stay with your beloved pet, don’t let them go alone. I know how hard it is, but your pet is scared, be strong, they need you there, to know that they are safe with you and that you love them as much as they love you. Maggie was not alone when she took her last breath, she was with us, those that love her, she went in peace in a safe and loving space, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This past year, I have spoken with many people that have lost their furry loved ones, we cry and we understand each other’s grief in a way that only pet parents ever could. Dealing with grief is very personal, it’s a journey, your unique journey. I can’t tell you how to deal with such a loss, all I can do is talk about my experience and where I am 6 years later.

It was important to me to have Maggie’s ashes, because once Maggie’s ashes were home, it was as though she was home, with us, and it was a feeling of comfort that I really can’t explain. Her ashes sit on our mantle to this day, it’s her special place. I didn’t put her stuff away or hide her photo’s, I didn’t want to and still haven’t.  However, whatever comfort we felt, and no matter how strong we were that last day, my husband and I still fell apart, we were devastated, we shut ourselves away, we basically hibernated for many months, we even put up a sign on the front door “do not disturb”. It hit us hard, she was our child, she was not human, but she was our child and our loss was just the same. We both said never again, we can’t have another pet, it hurts too much. There came a point though when I knew I had to pull myself together, for both our sakes. Jackie came along soon after, by chance, sent by our Maggie to get us living again, and as much as we both said never, we did, and we love our little goofball Jackie with all our hearts. Do you think things happen for a reason, why I never put Maggie’s stuff away? If we had stuck to our never, never plan, I can’t imagine how empty our lives would be. When the time is right, when you are ready, I do hope you think about a rescue, I hope you can open your heart again, give another a second chance, you have more love to give than you think and your life will be full again.

Launching In Memory Of Maggie May, was my savior. It changed my focus, and gave me purpose. My grief turned into something positive, helping others in Maggie’s name was driving me and will continue to drive me. Every blanket is made with love, they embrace Maggie’s spirit, a spirit that is shared to your furry loved one.  IMOMM keeps Maggie with me and Miss Jackie keeps me in line. I think doing something in your pet’s memory, no matter what it is, how small, how big, is uplifting, fulfilling, and it carries their memory forever.

Today, grief isn’t as prominent, mostly I have been able to let it go, but I still shed tears at this time of year, I still miss her. I will always wonder if Maggie and Jackie would have been friends, I can only imagine that they would have been. Maggie was a special girl, she taught us so many things, how to get out and enjoy the fresh air, experience new places, how to let go of the things that don’t really matter, how to enjoy every blessed moment, how to laugh at small goofy things, what unconditional love is, and she showed us the way to love again!

As we close off our 5th year, we celebrate our accomplishments, we thank our supporters for their continued belief in us, and we will continue to do our very best to help pets in need!

Written by Eva with love and gratitude.

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We love how our Anniversary Quilt turned out this year (as we do every year) and very excited to reveal our creation, our 5th!

As hard as it is to let it go, we will once again raffle off our gorgeous piece on our anniversary, October 11th, the anniversary of Maggie’s crossing over the rainbow bridge, with all proceeds going to the Maggie May Fund.

It’s always our favourite fundraiser and we want to beat our best of $603 raised!

This year’s quilt is dedicated to the furry friends we have lost this year …. Gavin, Elsa, Sawyer, Cooper & HRH Finnegan. May you be at peace and know you are forever loved.

Our quilt includes the fabrics and names from our personalized blanket orders between May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018. Club). We have 28 names this year : Fender, HRH Finnegan (HRH Blanket Club), Piper, Ru & Richochet, Fixx, Ripple & Star, Jinx, Athena, Jackie & Louie, Nova, Rosie & Nia, Max, Ranier, Fysti, Elsa, Na’vi, Kira, Sawyer, Tucker, Takoda, Cooper, Bandit, Pawsh & Raine.

Click HERE for more details and how you can WIN IT!

Click HERE to see our previous anniversary quilts!

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FOR SEEKER …. thank you for your support!

Seeker is a very special girl, she was recently adopted into a loving home, given a second chance and is now also training in scent work. Lovable Seeker (named after the famous Harry Potter character) is going to have a very important job.  A very kind lady felt Seeker should have her very own Maggie May blanket,  so we rushed the order so Seeker could be surprised over the weekend.  She loved it!!


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