Application Forms

The Maggie May Fund is dedicated to help pet guardians and their pets that have NO other options. Before you start, please read the information on our “Criteria” page, and if you feel that you qualify, please print the Application for Financial Assistance forms (below) for completion.

These forms, once completed must be submitted by the attending veterinarian via email to:

Please ensure they are complete and the necessary documentation is attached in order for us to make a decision in a timely manner. (ie: CRA Assessments, proof of income, etc.) Click HERE on how to get your notice of assessment.


An estimate for the treatment must be provided.

Medical History must be provided, additional documents/information maybe requested.

Please note that the applications are not intended to offend or to overly pry into peoples lives, the applications are such so that we can make a quick and informed decision and to ensure that our funds are provided to those who are desperately in need.

We know that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that need to be considered, and we are open to such situations, please add these to your application.

As a guide only we are using the Government of Canada – Low Income Cut-off for 2022


IMOMM Application for Financial Assistance-Veterinarian’s Form

IMOMM Application for Financial Assistance-Pet Guardian’s Form

**** UPDATE ****
Prior to applying, please contact us to confirm available funds:

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