FOR CARMELLA …. thank you for your support!

Meet Carmella…..she is a 6 year old Chihuahua/Affenpinscher cross, in other words she is part Mexican and part German! Carmella is a sweet, adorable little girl, but very shy, so we were honoured that she gave us the ok to pet her and hold on to her paw….awww! Her Maggie May blanket was delivered personally this afternoon, and from the photo’s we just received, looks like she has settled right into it. Her Mom says that Carmella knew the blanket was for her and loves it and we loved making it for her. Carmella loves to go camping, but she is not fond of water unless she’s in the boat! Her blanket not only matches the décor but will keep her comfy cozy on their many camping trips.

Carmella IMG_0655 Carmella IMG_0657a
Carmella 4 Carmella 3
Carmella 2 Carmella 1
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