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Squirt is a 10 year old Min Pin – Maltese Cross. She came into her Mom’s life at 7 weeks old while researching for a dog that would fit her life style. She came across a posting in Kijii, and when she asked to see her, she found her covered in feces and pee. Squirt wasn’t going anywhere, she rescued Squirt from those deplorable conditions, and both their lives were enriched from that moment on.

Dana has fond memories of Squirt as a puppy, with many hilarious moments, such as 5 mad minutes of non-stop go, or modeling underwear on her head for all the company to see. Squirt loves to be the center of attention, inserting herself into every situation. She would steal tools and hide them in her kennel.  Dana trusted Squirt with her parrot named Teddy, and Squirt would allow Teddy to run on her and preen her teeth.  Squirt loves to play and chase Dana’s other dog Sparky, until she sees a stick or flower to smell.  She says Squirt is “so cute and gentle” and loves to be carried as you would a 1 year old child.

Squirt has entered contests and has won cutest smile with Top Dog and Dog of the Day with various other sites, she even has her photo in a book.  As Dana says…..”I tell ya she is adorable!”

Sadly two months ago an ultrasound confirmed that Squirt had developed Transitional Cell Carcinoma, bladder cancer. She has had her surgery, and it was successful, luckily the mass was small. She now needs 5-6 treatments of chemotherapy, with a prognosis of a happy, healthy, and full life.  As Squirt put her head on Dana’s shoulder to give her a “Squirt” hug, it was difficult for Dana to leave her at the hospital, but her first chemo session went well and is relaxing at home.

There is nothing that Dana will not do for Squirt and Sparky, they have carried Dana through the hard times and had fun with her through the good times. Dana says….”they cuddle when I was sick and love me just about as much as I love them. I could never ask for more”.

We are proud to be able to financially help Squirt continue on her way to recovery. We will keep you posted on her progress on our Tails of Help page!

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