Rosie_a written by Rosie’s Mom, Fiona

In 2010, Rosie lost her sister and best friend Nia.  We all grieved her so much and Rosie was just so lost without her.  I felt at times that we would lose her as well.  Right on the heels of her sisters illness and death, she started to present with symptoms that in a few months we would find out was liver disease.  She lost so much weight and we learned how to feed her salmon and tofu with gently steamed vegetables.  In 2012, Rosie had a seizure and then another and many small ones over weeks and we knew there was something neurological happening.  We began medication that we picked up in Vancouver at a compounding Rx.

We also began taking Rosie for Reiki with Jen Snow in 2012.  Rosie responded very well and took a lot of energy in these first sessions but always had much brighter eyes after and came to life, like she was a puppy.

Reiki has been for Rosie, a most healing and releasing journey. I have learned how to better communicate with Rosie through Jen and that has been so amazing.  Jen is a very gifted healer.

In time, with the support of our vet, we tapered Rosie off tofu and added more vegetables and in time we gradually took Rosie off her liver medication and onto dandelions in a green smoothie everyday and a milk thistle tincture.  She did great.  Then we gradually took her off the seizure medication as she was not presenting with any symptoms and she has done wonderfully with no medications now since 2013.

In the Fall of 2014, we took the plunge with Rosie who was already organic, only ate fruits and veggies for snacks and had green smoothies, right off the salmon and into the world of legumes.  Rosie is now a vegan little girl and with this change we saw so much more energy, Jen has commented on this as well has our vet.

Rosie will be turning 13 years old this year and we feel beyond blessed for our little miracle.

Jen is such a beautiful, loving, young woman.  You cannot be in her presence and not be deeply touched by her.  I cannot tell how grateful I am for Jen. Jen Snow is a Certified Intuitive Reiki Master, Energy Healing Practitioner and a Certified Equine Massage Practitioner. Visit her website for more information on Reiki Healing: Animal & Body Workz