FOR BRODIE ….. thank you for your support!

A custom creation for Brodie, with the prints specially selected by his Aunt, his one of  kind MM Blanket arrived on Friday.  Brodie says thank you Aunt Carmen  and Uncle Chris  for his blanket, and we thank you for supporting the Maggie May Fund.



His Mum writes, “as you can see in the picture he took immediate possession. We are very familiar with the Boundary Bay Specialty Hospital as our two previous dogs Desmond and Tessa received help from the Dr’s there. We love the work you do and the donations to the hospital and SPCA” 💞
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MEET BRUISER …. our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

This is a story of people working together to get a sweet boy named Bruiser and his Mum the help they needed.

Bruiser is a senior who needed major dental surgery to lengthen his life, but you see, they, for the first time in their lives have been homeless, with no place to go and financially no way of paying for the surgery.  The outreach worker stepped in to find them help and a home. The veterinarian felt compelled to help in whatever way they could, and when we were approached for assistance, there was no question we would help too.


Bruiser, has been by his Mum’s side all his life, he is the main reason she keeps fighting every day and she doesn’t know where she would be without him. After being homeless for 3 months, the outreach worker found them a home, and a few weeks ago Bruiser had his surgery!  Bruiser and his Mum are doing well, Bruiser is healing and a happy boy again. His Mum is so very appreciative of all the help they received and sent us all beautiful cards of thanks.


His Mum wanted us to share a bit of her story to help spread awareness about homelessness. No matter what anyone’s situation is, a pet brings so much more to us humans than words can ever explain! Every life matters!

Your support enables us to help those like Bruiser and his Mum and we all thank you!


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FOR TERRY … Winner of Maggie’s Birthday Blanket Contest, sharing Maggie’s spirit!

One of our most treasured events is Maggie’s Birthday Blanket Contest, we celebrate her special day with a gift of course! We had amazing entries this year and one of our winners was Terry, from Winnipeg!  The draw was on Valentines Day!



He chose a red print to compliment his handsomeness and Canadian hat, and with a special request to incorporate his photo.






It took us a bit to get it to him, because of our machine breakdown, but it turned out great and this past week it finally arrived! He and his Mum loved it and wrote “the blanket is so beautiful and worth the wait”.


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Penny has been waiting patiently for her special Maggie May Blanket!  She was the lucky winner of a custom blanket we donated to the PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society) raffle while at the Pet Lover Show in February!  They do great work, and we our proud to support their organization in our special way.



Looking Adorable Penny!

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FOR MERI & SAM … thank you for your support!

With our “BEAST” back in service, we are now catching up on our orders!  First up, is a custom crate pad, XLL, for Meri & Sam.  They picked a sweet pawprint fabric that we selected coordinating colours for.  It arrived in the mail a few days ago, and they love it!


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MEET THEODORE … our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund!

“Theodore is a dog that in his short 3.5 years of life has brought so much love to not only our family but people he meets everyday” writes his Mum.

Sadly, Theodore was diagnosed with a nerve sheath sarcoma (a cancerous tumor), and required life saving surgery, amputation of his left front leg. The prognosis is good, he is young and strong and animals are amazing at adapting! “He will be the best 3 legged dog he can be” says his Mum.

Theodore had his surgery on the 2nd of April, it went very well, and luckily the tumor had not reached the spine.  The waiting game begins for biopsy results, and hopefully it will report that they were able to remove 100% of the tumor.

Mum reports that Theodore is recovering at hospital, he is eating and drinking. He has stood and peed out side with assistance and can sit up all on his own. Way to go Theodore!

We love our pets so much, they are family members, and you do what you can for them, which is the very best, sometimes with a lending hand.  Theodore is no exception, he is loved and his family are thankful to have him in their lives. “He truly is very special and gives so much”. We will be following Theodore on his recovery and will share with you!

The family is very grateful to the Maggie May fund, but we couldn’t be there for Theodore without your support, we thank you!

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Earlier this Month, Carol Puskas received the Kevin Suppes Award of Excellence from her employer CP Distributions.

Carol is an amazing supporter of the Maggie May Fund, and a wonderful, strong woman ♥️ Her reward included a day off and a $500 donation to the charity of her choice. Carol chose our non-profit, the Maggie May Fund! We are so grateful to the kindness and generosity from Carol and CP Distributor, their donation will continue to help pets in need!


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Another successful Pet Lover Show! We had great time, tons of people and so many well behaved dogs! We thank the Pet Lover Show for their support of the Maggie May Fund.


Thank you Melissa of Pawsh Pet Services, and your adorable pup Snickers (also our honorary team mascot) for helping man the booth and keeping it hopping!

Thank you Bianca of Magnolia Dog Training Services, we couldn’t have had a better booth partner, your knowledge, your professionalism and your compassion to train right is undeniable!

Thanks to Mom and Sharon for their help in getting the massive amount of sewing done for the show.


But, most of all thank you for coming by, and for the amazing hugs we received for what we do. We attend these shows not only to raise funds for pets in need, but to share our compassion for what we do, to say to you, that our pets are family, they keep us healthy, they give us love and life, that Vet care should be accessible to everyone, but it’s really tough on some, and that is where we as a community need to come together to help. So, we thank you for coming and supporting what we do! See you next year!!

Check out more photo’s from the Pet Lover Show by clicking >>>> HERE

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We had a wonderful response to Maggie’s Birthday Blanket Contest, 42 to be exact, including a Goat! Being that it would have been Maggie’s 20th Birthday, we decided to surprise everyone and give away 2 Maggie May Blankets this year.  At 4pm on February 14th,  off we went to Pet Food N More, where Zach pulled the lucky winners, after our Supervisor Jackie blessed the lucky draw bucket and got herself a treat of course!  Needless to say, the winners were over the moon with excitement, Congratulations Terry & Ray.  We are looking forward to creating your very own custom Maggie May Blanket!  Stay tuned!

Check out the entries on our Facebook page by clicking >>>> HERE

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FOR PERKA …. thank you for your support!

This is Perka, also known as “Brewed to Perkfection”, whose Mum who loves quilts and papillons.  She noticed a quilt we had made using Spoonflower fabric, so she ordered the print she liked from then and shipped it to us to make a one of a kind quilt for her girl.  We love how it turned out, and colours suit her girl Perka, perkfectly!

PERKA and her friend FIA


Shipped, all the way to Indiana, we share Maggie’s spirit !

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