OLIVE – February 2018 

Olive’s application was originally approved for surgery January 2017, but complications with pneumonia delayed her surgery for a year.

This is her story as written by her guardian. “When Olive joined our family she was a happy, healthy, 8 week old baby bulldog. Knowing the bulldog breed we always knew there was potential for some illnesses and ailments that come with the breed. But unfortunately they all came at once for our sweet baby bulldog and we are still in shock over this. Currently she is fighting with pneumonia and other brachysephalic issues. Once she wins the fight with this horrible, debilitating pneumonia she needs surgery for her brachysephalic syndrom including an elongated soft palate and trachea hypoplasia.”

After being told by her DVM that because Olive’s trachea is so small it was unlikely she could survive any anesthetic and if she did live through the surgery she would most likely die a short time later.  Her guardian made an important decision to get a second opinion and took Olive to a veterinary specialty clinic “Boundary Bay” where the vet specialist and the doctor explained that these were all common issues with the breed and she should be able to undergo surgery once the pneumonia is cleared, but it would need to be done sooner then later or she would continue to get pneumonia and it would be fatal.

All the veterinarians involved including our Dr. Walton agreed that this surgery was necessary in order for Olive to survive. Olive’s guardian rescued and adopted her from a situation where she might have been euthanized unnecessarily. Despite the fact that this issue is a common illness with the breed, Olive deserved a chance to be healthy, and we all agreed that the Maggie May fund would help.

In February 2018 Olive finally received the all clear headed to surgery on Friday. In March Olive’s guardian reported that Olive was doing AOK .  She had a minor set back after surgery, but she is now doing well. It has been a month since her surgery, she is breathing better and her walks are getting longer each day. She is enjoying life! Way to go Olive, you are on your way to a long and healthy life! We are so happy for you and are very glad that we, along with our supporters were able to help you get there!