MEEA – MAY 2015 (In Memory June 15, 2018)

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Meea is a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel, and is the love of her Mom’s life. One day, Debbie wanted to expand her family and found Meea when she was looking at puppies to adopt. A puppy hiding behind the stove, looking at her, caught Debbie’s eye. Debbie asked about the puppy, and was told that she would not want her, because the puppy was returned for not being suitable for show or breeding.  Debbie had no interest in a puppy to show or breed, she was looking for a family member. It was love at first sight for them both.

At first, Meea was very shy, and would cry in her sleep. Her family would comfort and soothe her with loving cuddles, and after a few months she was at ease and was snoring her way through the night. Meea, for some reason was terrified of food dishes, Debbie tried many different types and finally found that a flat plate worked the best. She was settling right in as a member of the family.

Debbie’s daughter moved out and rescued a Dingo from Texas named Flinn, just before he was set to be euthanized. Meea loves spending time with Flinn and Tameka, but makes it clear to them as to who is the Alpha dog! Flinn does his share of caring for Meea and licks her ears for her.  Meea is the perfect warmer on cold nights, cuddling nice and close is what she does best. Meea watches over Debbie too, Debbie has sleep apnea, and now uses a CPAP machine, but before, Meea would wake Debbie up if she could not hear her breathing. Once Meea was certain that her Mom was breathing, she would go right back to sleep, snoring away.

Meea had a cat friend too, named Buffy, but it took a few years for Buffy to tolerate Meea, Sadly, Buffy has since passed away at 20 due to kidney failure.  Meea still looks for her. Since Meea was a puppy, she was also a regular visitor to Debbie’s Mom’s extended care facility. She brought so much joy to the residents and her demeanor was wonderful with them all. Meea had no problem curling up in their bed and having a nap too.

Meea has survived other medical issues, but she now has chronic ear troubles, and no matter how much pain she is in, she does not complain. Meea sleeps with Debbie and at night when Meea starts to shiver, Debbie knows she is in pain, she cuddles her tight and prays for the pain to stop. The only hope for Meea is to remove the tumours and a total “Ear Canal Ablation”. To allow Meea to be continuously in pain or to euthanize is not an option for Debbie!

Meea has lost most of her hearing from the tumors and infections, but she has a lot of living yet to live, and Debbie will do whatever it takes for her girl. Meea is a forever family member.

We are proud that we were able to financially help Meea live a pain free life.

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