KES – March 2017


Kes is a gorgeous Siamese with lots of love yet to give and life left to live. She just needed a bit of a helping hand with her treatment.

Kes is very blessed, not only does she have a sweet sister named Angel, she has a guardian that adores her and will do anything she can for her fur babies.

p1260587Kes was blessed in 2015 at the “Blessings of the Animals” at St. Francis of Assisi. Walking perfectly at ease on a leash, even though there were many other dogs around. She accepted the holy water as it was sprinkled on her face.


In October 2016 she was blessed again at the “Blessings of the Animals” at St Andrew Wesley Church. “The cameraman was so taken by her that he filmed her up close & the segment made it on CBC TV”. A very special moments for them both.


Kes may be 16 with kidney disease, but she is under excellent medical care and doing very well with treatment with lots of living yet to live. We are so happy to be able to be there for her.

“If Kes could thank you she would. She is a real charmer & once she sets those gorgeous blue eyes on you & like others you will soon be under her spell”… her guardian.