JIMMY – March 2016

jimmy chinatown (2)

Jimmy is a handsome 6 1/2 year old English Bulldog.  Jimmy has been in the family since a pup, and his Dad affectionately calls him his “amazing best friend” in life. They have been through some tough times together and would be lost without each other.

Jimmy has been living with persistent ear infections for the past while that has been resisting antibiotic treatment. The infection was making its way into the deep cavity of the ear canal, causing serious pain for Jimmy. It was starting to affect Jimmy neurologically, throwing off his balance and his equilibrium. Jimmy was not a happy boy, and without surgery he would have a very poor quality of life.

Jimmy required a delicate surgery, a Total Ear Canal Ablation and a Bulla Osteotomy, and as soon as possible. On March 4, Jimmy had his surgery, it took longer than normal, almost 3 hours, as they had to dig deeper into the canal. The surgery went well, and Jimmy was home later that evening. By the next day, Jimmy was up, eating, and enjoying some serious nap time in the sun. He has had his first re-check and all is looking good …. stitches out in 14 days.

Jimmy’s surgery was a joint effort between “In Memory of Maggie May” and the “BCSPCA Vancouver Hospital” …. working together to get Jimmy back to a normal, healthy and happy  life!

Jimmy’s Dad is very appreciative of the help he was given, and promises us future happy stories.

Jimmy prepped for surgery
IMG_20160305_141724 (2A) jimmy chinatown (2)

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