MEET DIESEL … our newest recipient from the Maggie May Fund

6 year old, Warrior Diesel, as he is affectionately called, suffered a fractured elbow from a fall. Diesel was seriously injured, and was taken to the emergency animal hospital. His guardian was devastated once notified and distraught as to what to do. She just couldn’t lose him. There were so many involved in getting Diesel the help he needed, the hospitals, the case worker and us. We are respecting the privacy of Diesel’s guardian, and are unable to provide further details.  The reports from the hospital say he was resting comfortably while waiting surgery, and described as a very sweet boy.


Today we are excited to have received these photo’s of Warrior Diesel, he is home now with his guardian, and doing awesome.

We couldn’t be happier!  Have a happy life Diesel!


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