DUDLEY … RIP, forever loved!

Dudley is described by his Mum as “the best dog ever! He carries his own leash and knows all his toys by name, he knows exactly what to do to cheer me up. When a growth appeared on his neck, he was still a big beautiful happy go lucky dog. I can’t lose him..he is my everything.  I have nothing without him in my life.”

Dudley, was originally diagnosed with a neck mass/abscess, the prognosis was good to excellent after surgery.  However, the mass was growing and beginning to restrict his breathing. We stepped in to help Dudley and his Mum. He was all set for surgery and we were all looking forward to success and a healthy future for Dudley. But, moments before surgery, it was cancelled, the pre-surgery tests revealed cancer throughout his body.  There was nothing they could do. Dudley went home with medications to keep him comfortable.

We were all devastated when we got the news.  We spoke with Dudley’s Mum daily during this time, providing support and encouragement, we knew she would know when the right time would come to let him go. A week later Dudley crossed the Rainbow Ridge, forever loved and never ever forgotten.

We haven’t faced this before at IMOMM, but we have all experienced loss, time does heal, we all grieve in our own way, at our own pace, and we truly understand the heartbreak. Our hearts go out to Dudley’s Mum, and although Dudley is no longer with us, he will always be a part of the Maggie May Family.

RIP Dudley, July 2019


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