FOR SLOAN AND MOMMA BEE … thank you for your support!

A few years back we made a very special Maggie May Blanket for a cute little boy named Sloan, little did we know, 2 years later how much he had grown!  Wow, he needed a new MM blanket, and it was going to be at least a twin! So we made him one!

Then his sister, Momma Bee wanted one as well, another twin size one, so we made her one too!



Their human says upon opening the parcel …. “I wish you could’ve seen both our reactions when I pulled them out. We were both ohhhhhh they’re beautiful very girly high pitched squeals”. Bee is pretty attached to hers already. She doesn’t want anyone else laying on it, and my Sloan, he’s always happy to share as long as someone wants to cuddle with him.”




They love them, a huge success, and it was our pleasure to share Maggie’s love to these two amazing dogs in a Maggie May Blanket!


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