Hello 2019! Where oh where did 2018 go! It’s been a very busy year for my worker bee (aka Mum) and I, but I finally tied her down, (well not really because I have paws that can’t tie), to translate my blog from UDBL (Universal Doggie Bark Language) to English, otherwise you would have no idea what I am talking about and I would just be barking and barking my head off.



Any hoo, I hope you had a great year, I sure did, it was especially super-duper when my best beau Louie got to stay with us for 6 weeks during the summer and again for Christmas. He goes home next week after his mum gets home from visiting her human family. I know he misses her but I like having him here, we don’t wrestle as much as we used to, because we are older now and more mature, well, ok sometimes we still chase each other around the house, and go after each others bully sticks and beg for food together, which doesn’t usually work because you know who is trying to keep us in shape … yeesh … doesn’t she know it’s Christmas!!  We got lots of stuff in our stocking and home-made cookies.


We tried super hard to stay up til Midnight last night, but we were snoring by 10.


My friends Salsa & Rosie stayed with us for a week in September, I liked that too, they don’t play so much but we have a nice time together, it’s a lot quieter my Mum says.  The 4 of us make a great team! I love my friends and friends are important, right?  They also make great Assistant Supervisors.


We also welcomed Snickers to the team as our mascot, he is super cute.



Under my superb supervision we got tons of sewing done last year and met all our Christmas deadlines, it’s gonna be an awesome anniversary quilt in 2019. I’ll be working on the design soon, I think we should sew in some dog cookies, don’t you think? My worker bee just nudged me and said to say that she will be catching up on posting blankets and furry friends soon, she’s a bit behind on stuff like that, but I know she works really hard for the peanuts I pay her …. Lol …. What’s a peanut?

My biggest accomplishment in 2018 was not getting skunked, although I almost got raccooned! I was just curious, don’t know why my Mum was screaming at me to COME! Of course being a Jack, I don’t listen too good when I am distracted, but no harm done! I swam, I hiked, went on a trip, I think I’ll just do the same this year, but I may try nosework, what do you think, do you think I’d be good at it? Gotta get my titers first, if they can get me to sit still.

My mum follows many animal pages on the internet, and sometimes she cries at the sad stories, so I know how important the Maggie May fund is to her and to me, to do our part in helping other animals, so we will keep doing our very best to help doggies and kitties get well again.  All of us on the Maggie May team thank everyone for supporting us and we wish everyone a very Happy New Year and many friends to get into trouble with.

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  1. Janet says:

    Oh Dear Jackie you are the cutest. I am certain this year will bring lots of good things. We all appreciate your mum for all that she does. Stay out of trouble, (ya right) Love you tons.

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