FOR FENDER …. thank you for your support!

Happy 1st Birthday to our HRH Blanket Club member Fender!  Spoiling our furry ones gives us so much joy, don’t you think,  and receiving a custom Maggie May Blanket is perfect.  We always love the fabric picks that his human picks, crazy as they are sometimes, they always turn out pretty cool.





He received his package a month ago and His Mum writes “I couldn’t help but open it when the package arrived today. He looks smashing on it. Happy Early 1st birthday to my little man ❤️”



He has grown so much in a year!

Happy Birthday Fender, you are adorable!

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1 Response to FOR FENDER …. thank you for your support!

  1. Reana says:

    Hansome boy, beautiful blanket!

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