MEET SNICKERS ….. our honourary mascot!

Melissa of Pawsh Pet Services has been a follower and supporter of the Maggie May Fund from the beginning, we have always kept in touch, and just before Christmas we did a very special memory quilt for her.  At that time she said she would love to help us out at the Pet Lover Show, which we welcomed with open arms. But, she also mentioned that she maybe fostering a sweet pup named Snickers. There was nothing set in stone, but the way she spoke of Snickers, we knew this was going to be a foster fail for sure.  Snickers is a special needs pup, an accident that happened about a year ago, which no one knows the full details of, but irregardless, Melissa knew that Snickers was going to be a big part of her life. 





We were so excited when she said she would bring Snickers to the Pet Lover Show and that we would finally get to meet him. 




And we did, we fell instantly in love with him, we even got in a snuggle or two!  We could see that these two were inseparable and it was meant to be. 



At the show, she told us it was official, Melissa adopted Snickers, and they were a family!  We are so happy for them both!




We were so enamoured with Snickers, that we decided to name Snickers an honorary mascot of the Maggie May fund!  Welcome Snickers!

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2 Responses to MEET SNICKERS ….. our honourary mascot!

  1. Reana says:

    Such a sweet soul. Welcome Snickers! Enjoy your new position. I’m sure Miss Jackie will show you around. 💞

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  2. Janet says:

    I so love this happy story snickers and mom are so lucky to have each other. He is a cutie.

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