FOR COOPER …. thank you for your support!

There is a very special story behind Cooper’s Maggie May Blanket. A few years ago, we were asked to do a blanket for a very special girl named Merida, in memory of her mum’s other girl, named Maggie Mae. It touched our hearts to do this for her friend.

Last week, this lovely lady with a great big heart, asked us again to do another blanket for her friend, this time for her pup Cooper. Cooper, you see, was just diagnosed with Lymphoma, you can imagine how we felt, our hearts sank.

She requested a ready made quilt, which was on our site, but it hadn’t sold yet, and we never put it out at our shows. We loved the fabric and were thinking of giving it to our girl, but just hadn’t yet.  We now know why it was still there, it wasn’t meant for Jackie at all, it was meant for Cooper.

This special blanket is in memory of our Maggie May, Cooper’s Maggie Mae and beloved Pepe, they are all watching over Cooper these days.


We hope our blanket brings Cooper comfort while he is going through treatment.

Cooper is in our thoughts and prayers.

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4 Responses to FOR COOPER …. thank you for your support!

  1. Reana says:

    What a lovely story. Speedy recovery, Cooper!


  2. Teresa Armstrong says:

    Big tears reading this lovely story – Cooper is surely to get better with all this love behind him!

    Thank you to everyone!


  3. Cindy McLeod says:

    Very sweet! We love Cooper!


  4. Joe McLeod says:

    I can’t read the article – I seem to have something in my eyes… Very, very sweet.


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