Olive loves her Chickens

Olive is still a pup and growing in leaps and bounds, but she needs our help. She needs surgery for her brachysephalic syndrom. Olive‘s application for funding from the Maggie May Fund has been approved, but Olive has to still recover from pneumonia before surgery can be scheduled. We are able to contribute a portion of the funds needed for Olive‘s surgery, but there is still a ways to go.

Olive reminds us so much of Josie, our very first recipient from the Maggie May fund. Her doctors gave up on her, but a second opinion with a SPECIALIST that believed in her, led to Josie’s remission and some happy and wonderful years of life.

We spoke with Olive‘s specialist at Boundary Bay, and our own medical consult, Dr Walton. Without a doubt Olive needs this surgery to survive, and without complications, she has a good prognosis. We believe in her too!

Krista is doing everything she can for her girl to get the funds together that she needs for the surgery. The funds she has raised on her GOFUNDME page is in addition to the amount we are currently able to assist with. Unfortunately, Olive‘s medical costs in keeping her pneumonia under control (a must before surgery) has exhausted her funds.

We support Olive through your donations >>>>>> Please DONATE , no amount is too small!

or donate direct to Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Thank You!

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