Miss Meea, as we affectionately call her, was helped through the Maggie May fund last May.  We had the privilege of meeting her sweetness soon after, and sweet she certainly was. She later took a time out to attend one of our fundraisers, wanting to help bring awareness to our cause, and of course she was the star of the show.

We caught up with Miss Meea the other day, and her Mom writes ….

“Miss Meea might not hear or see much but can always find her food. A bit gray and chubby. The best is no more ear pain. She spends most of her senior days sleeping ad eating. She is a happy girl in spite of her losses. She loves her family and stays very close at all times. Thank you so much again.”


“Flinn makes sure that she is going in the right direction, he is so good and enjoys being her ears and eyes. Meea’s new sister Cassie just gets on her nerves as Cassie is very perky and inquisitive. Cassie thinks Meea is playing until Meea let’s her know that NO she is serious…. leave me alone. Lol”

We are so happy to have been able to help Meea!

Click HERE to read more about Meea.

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