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Buddy, the 5 year old Bengal that was attacked by a coyote late last week is doing ok!

We were contacted by Central Park Animal Hospital on behalf of Buddy and his guardian for financial help towards the cost of the surgery to repair the bite wound and the dislocated hock joint. They desperately needed our help, and after we approved the application, we reached out to our followers for the extra bit in donations that we needed to make this happen.

Buddy had his surgery on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately the infection had spread. The specialist felt an amputation was in Buddy’s best interest and our own medical consult, Dr. Walton, also agreed.  Animals are amazing as we all know and can manage quite well after an amputation. Buddy was home by Monday and doing ok, but being a Bengal he is quite rambunctious, so he is back in hospital for a few days to ensure he rests and starts his recovery out right.

Thank you to those that gave that extra bit, through our “YourCaring” page and email transfers.  With your support, Buddy will have a second chance at a long and happy life!

We will keep you updated!

Buddy image2 (2) Buddy image1 (2)
Buddy image3 (2)
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