ELijah (2A)

Elijah – May 2016

We received this beautiful update from his Mom that we would like to share.

“Elijah is doing amazingly well thanks to your amazing kindness!  Elijah is healthier than ever!   After his life saving dental surgery he was experiencing stomach issues.  I researched that this is actually common after dental work and all the antibiotics they give them.”

“I had to find a way to re-build all his healthy gut flora, and to learn even more about how to properly care for him. I now cook all his cat-food from scratch.  It’s very easy & quick actually, I just simmer some fresh turkey legs, let it cool, then shred it, and run it for a few seconds in my blender with a little bit of turkey broth.  I add enzyme powder, salmon oil, little bit of organic canned pumpkin and then freeze it in small size freezer bags.  I also give him probiotic in his food every day. He also LOVES eating fresh papaya . . . so I get that for him nearly 1x per week.   He’s doing a lot better!”

“Elijah and I are forever grateful to you Eva, to Dr. Maya & Dr. Alberto for saving his life.  As I may have mentioned, he’s my only family member here, and am grateful beyond words that he is in my life.  I don’t ever think of him as a child of mine . . . . but a true best friend.   I know he can’t live forever, and am grateful that we have this time now, and grateful we are friends.  He’s truly my teacher.”

“They say animals embody more integrity, purity and unconditional love – much more-so than humans.   My wish is that people more deeply appreciate these amazing graceful friends in our lives, and support them with the love & kindness and respect that they deserve.”

“Thank you again with all my heart”

Elijah’s Mom

Click HERE to read more about Elijah.

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