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Torres and Messi were twin tabby brothers, they have been a part of Ben’s life since they were 6 weeks old. Sadly, they lost little Messi to kidney cancer last May. Tragedy struck again, when last week, on one of their walks, Torres was spooked, ran across the street and was hit by a vehicle. “It was painful to see it happen right in front of my eyes” says Ben.  “My younger brother and I are devastated at the thought of losing both brothers a year apart” and are determined to save him.

Torres fractured his pelvis, but it was his lungs that took a greater impact.  The injury caused air to fill up that needed to be removed with tubes in both sides of his chest.  He needed to remain in hospital to allow his lungs to heal before they could do surgery.

We are happy to report that Torres is now home.  Ben says “he is groggy and wobbles around when he walks, but he is eating and drinking water, and purrs when we cuddle with him”. He is slowly improving, and the best news is that there is a low probability that he will need surgery, he will hopefully heal on his own. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and the next 8 weeks are crucial, no jumping around on the furniture!

Torres is only 8 years old, he is wonderfully friendly, and has a full life yet to live. With the help from close friends and “In Memory of Maggie May”, Torres will have that life!

We have been promised more photo’s and many happy updates!

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