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The tradition continues …. a special way we raise funds for the Maggie May account is with our Anniversary quilts.  We will incorporate the fabric and pets names of the blankets we have created from May 1st 2015 to April 30th 2016, and will reveal our creation early in September.  We will once again hold a donation raffle, with the winner being drawn on  our anniversary, October 11th.

The 2016 anniversary quilt is our third and we are excited to get started on our creation, so far we have these special furry friends represented:

Cookie, Riesling, Fes, Meea, Ninja, Evey & Ryder, Meeson, Zesty, Ritzy, Tilly, Bella, HRH Finnegan, Fysti, Calaloo Ayla, Café, Lucy, Gunner, Paris, Molly, Chewie, Dicsel, Rosie, Sloan, Zoey, Sage, Archie, Angel, Marley, Bella, Gunner, Whiski, Jackie, Gracie, Muffin, Bernie, Mia, Eddie, Raain, In Memory of Koda, Ryza & Chloe, Muppet, Enzo & Titus & Buttermilk, Rosie, Samson & Roman, Whiskers & Kitty Cat, Maddy, Jimmy, Norma, Byrn.

Click HERE to check out our 1st “Gratitude” and 2nd “Compassion” anniversary quilts!

Order your furry friend a personalized Maggie May quilted blanket by April 30th to be included in this years quilt!

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