Ryza & Chloe on blanketA

While at the Pet Lover Show we donated a custom May May Blanket to PADS (Pacific Assistance Dogs Society) for their fundraiser draw.  The lucky winners were Ryza & Chloe. Choosing the colour combo is always fun, their Mom says “I’m not real fussy but the dogs are princesses”, so pinks and browns were the colour of choice, and we were delighted to deliver the blanket yesterday!

Theirs is a very special story and it was truly an honour to create a Maggie May blanket for Chloe and in memory of Ryza. Ryza was a little Pekingese who was brought into the animal hospital where her Mom worked as a tech. She had been hit by a car, the owners were not found, and Ryza was sadly signed off by the SPCA to be euthanized. But, it was not to be, as her Mom fell instantly in love, she knew there was fight left in the little girl as she was only 2 or 3 at the time, and she officially adopted her.  3 surgeries later and tender loving care, she made a full recover and lived a very long happy life of 19 years! Chloe, a terrier mix, also adopted after being abandoned, came into their lives shortly before Ryza crossed the rainbow bridge, the two were inseparable and the very best of friends.

We’ve been told that Chloe loves it and “now has attitude over her royal blankie “, she’s not sharing with their other pup Haylie, it’s paws off ….. for now!

Ryza with ChloeA


Ryza & Chloe on blanketA


Ryza & Chloe IMG_3720 Ryza & Chloe IMG_3721
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