FOR RAIIN & IN MEMORY OF KODA ….. thank you for your support!

Koda crossed the rainbow bridge not too long ago, a heartbreak we truly understand. You never know when the time is right, it just happens, another pup comes along, and fills your heart with joy once again.  Doing In Memory blankets mean so much to us, they are very special, and to share Maggie’s spirit with Koda’s in a blanket for Raiin, it touched our hearts.  Raiin was adopted just a week ago, and we were asked by their friend to do a double-sided quilt for their new little one, one side for Koda and other for Raiin. The blanket was delivered yesterday, and we hear that Raiin loves it!

Raiin & In Memory Of Koda IMG_3715 Raiin & In Memory of Koda IMG_3718
Raiin & In Memory of Koda IMG_3712 Raiin & In Memory of Koda IMG_3714
Raiin with In Memory of Koda P


Raiin & Koda In Memory P


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