Supervisors Jackie, Louie and Salsa are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the team …. Miss Rosie.  It was felt that Princess Salsa had far too much on her plate and she needed some hired help.  We all know how hard the supervisors work in keeping the staff in line, they donate their time and work only for treats.

All kidding aside, it is a very special story indeed.  Salsa is actually Rosie’s Mom! When Sharon was approached to adopt Rosie, there was no hesitation, a moment of “am I crazy”, but that didn’t last long, she knew Rosie’s home was with her and Salsa (also adopted), and it’s now official. Salsa is teaching Rosie the ropes and who’s the boss in the house, but as like any child, Rosie is fighting back, ’cause she’s a big girl now!

Welcome to the Maggie May family Rosie …. and Louie now has 3 girlfriends!

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