Gracie 1916676_10153402733242513_190060344772198289_nA

Sweet little Gracie received her custom Maggie May Blanket yesterday and “she loves it” as her Mom told us she would!  Gracie was the winner of this years Birthday Blanket contest, she supposedly hand picked her brown/beige colour toned fabric herself (but we really think her Mom did).  Her Mom says Gracie always poses when the camera is on her, but when she first got her blanket she rolled and rubbed her face into it, then as she tossed her toy around the living room, she always returned to the blanket with her toy to play on it.

Now that’s a happy customer!!  Congratulations Gracie!

IMG_3699a IMG_3700a
Gracie 1916676_10153402733242513_190060344772198289_nA
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