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After careful inspection, Supervisor Jackie has checked over the entries, made sure all the photo’s were printed, and has given the AOK to head over to Pet Food N More, in Maple Ridge to draw the winner.  Thank you all for entering, and GOOD LUCK!

Grace, Kai, Teddy, Sierra, Baxter, Finnegan, Daisy, Ali, Beau, Bits, Champ, Sally, Rosie, Rascal, Whiski, Sully, Gypsy, Jet, Willow, Gyzmo, Luah, Kobe, Vegas, Molly, Lilly Butterfly, Odin, Norma, Pepper, Walter, Blue, Elio, Howdy, Sophie,  Fysti,  Cujo, Jerry, Blaze, Shadow, & Bandit.

Clicker HERE to see all the entrants.

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