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UPDATE ON JOSIE ….. we all know and love her! Josie’s Mom came to us for help in 2014 when she was diagnosed with encephalitis. Josie has a love of life that inspires others with this disease, she is a survivor and is currently in remission. She has patella issues, but therapy and a new brace is helping her immensely!

Josie faces a new challenge as she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning to remove a mass on her mammary. The surgery is tricky because of her other issue, we are all very anxious. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Nalyn has done everything possible for Josie, she has never given up on her, and her dogs mean the world to her. If you would like to help …. Donations can be made directly to the vet at Fish Creek Pet Hospital (403) 873-1700- Her client ID number is 51284.

You can also click HERE to donate on our website or, or click HERE to go direct to Josie’s “YOU CARING PAGE” to donate and to read more about Josie.

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