FOR SLOAN, ZOEY, ARCHIE, SAGE & ANGEL …. thank you for your support!

5 special pups in Alberta are going to be warm & cozy, cuddled in their new Maggie May blankets! Their blankets just arrived, and we’ve been promised a family photo for Christmas!  Sweetie Sloan just joined the family and is being taught the ropes and who rules, we think he will fit in just fine!

Sloan 12231229_904972959585982_218118762_na Sloan Angel 12207799_904975676252377_513231115_na Angel Archie 12208168_904975249585753_667276869_na Archie

Sage 12212547_904974199585858_462020971_na Sage Zoey 12208045_904973792919232_1806106237_na Zoey

Sloan IMG_2850 Sloan IMG_2851
Zoey IMG_2846 Zoey IMG_2847
Arichie IMG_2836 Archie IMG_2837
Sage IMG_2842 Sage IMG_2843
Angel IMG_2839 Angel IMG_2840
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