FOR DIESEL …… thank you for your support!


We could not have thought of a better way to say thank you to Tammy, of Sugar Town Quilt Co., for quilting our creation, our 2nd Anniversary Quilt – Compassion, other than to make a very special Maggie May blanket for their dog Diesel. It was quite the surprise today, when the package arrived in Cranbrook, to Diesel’s attention. Tammy and her husband Jay, love their Diesel to bits, even though she thinks Diesel loves her Dad best, and vice versa! Well, we surprised them all and wouldn’t have it any other way.  We love the prints we used, and think they suit Diesel perfectly.

Click HERE to check out this year’s Anniversary Quilt, and how you can win our labour of love!

Next year, we are excited to have Tammy collaborate with us on the design of our 3rd anniversary quilt, we have already named it, but it’s a secret!

Diesel IMG_2497 Diesel IMG_2498
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