FOR HRH FINNEGAN, FYSTI, ZESTY, RITZY, TILLY, BELLA and CAFE …. thank you for your support!

We have caught up on our orders from the Agility Championships and are all out for delivery to Vancouver, Courtenay, Edmonton, & Sherwood Park!  It was fun working with all the pet Mom’s in selecting the fabric combinations that are perfect for their fur kids!  The fabric and pet names will also be incorporated into next years anniversary quilt!

If  you are wondering and want a chuckle as to what HRH stands for on Finnegan’s blanket ……  “HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS” and Bella’s Mom had a very special request, she wanted her blanket to be just like Maggie’s, so we found a small bit left of the colourful border print that we were able to incorporate.

We have been promised photo’s, and we can hardly wait!

Finnegan IMG_2461 Finnegan IMG_2462
Fysti IMG_2464 Fysti IMG_2465
Zesty IMG_2484a Zesty IMG_2485
Ritzy IMG_2475a Ritzy IMG_2479
Tilly IMG_2481 Tilly IMG_2482
Bella IMG_2491a Bella IMG_2496
Cafe IMG_2467 Cafe IMG_2469


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