We thought would catch up with Ninja and Squirt to see how they are doing, and we are happy to report that both are doing terrific!

11705090_922253914499741_703396652179711347_n Ninja

Ninja’s stitches have dissolved and his staples have been removed. His fur is growing back nicely and he is now able to roam about the house during the day ….. but still no jumping, and he knows it!  His best bud Moemoe is happy to have Ninja back to play and cuddle with, and is quite ok with Ninja being without a tail.  We are so happy for Jesse and his kitties, it’s amazing Ninja survived being caught in a car engine.

11703032_919493388109127_5289904244099131873_n 11403141_927633373961795_1885494900536844288_n

2497869_1415080277_9535a Squirt

Squirt’s ultra sound is clear and she is now 4 months cancer free!  Dana says she is a bit of a “chunky monkey” now, with a slight limp, so losing a few pounds is on the agenda. Otherwise she is doing great, back to normal, getting into trouble and enjoying life with her pal Sparky! Tug of War being Squirts game of choice, and being the gentleman, Sparky lets her tug away! Kicking Cancer’s Butt is awesome!


To read more about Ninja and Squirt, visit our TAILS OF HELP page.

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