When Debbie applied for assistance for her darling girl Meea, she knew she wanted to somehow, and in someway give back.  Now that Meea is recovering nicely, she is ready, she wants to help our cause, she wants to help us grow!

Getting to know Debbie and her daughter Tameka has been an extreme pleasure, and their love for Meea and Flinn is undeniable. Debbie & Tameka have been involved in many fundraising ventures, and along with Debbie’s sales experience, they bring a new dimension to the “In Memory of Maggie May” team.  Debbie has some wild and crazy ideas that we are looking forward to exploring.

Our current focus is to replenish the Maggie May fund, the last thing we want is to decline assistance due to lack of funds.  We have fundraising plans already in the works for July and August, and will share details as soon as we can.

We have only just begun!

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