Ninja is doing well, he is walking a bit, and his “pooper” is working.  He was going to the vet every 2nd day for a re-check, to ensure that infections were not setting in, but all is good and no longer necessary.  Dr. Sidhu calls Ninja a “miracle”, because from his injuries it was determined that he was not hit by a car, but caught inside the motor, a very lucky kitty.

Jesse built Ninja a new enclosure that will be his home for the next few months while he recovers from his broken leg. It allows him to stretch and walk about (no jumping). It has everything any kitty would need, a litter box, food, a scratching post, comfy blankets, a bed, and most importantly a hangout spot for his brother Moemoe, where they can smell and see each other.

He is the road to recovery!

ninja1 Moemoe
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