Ninja was released from the hospital today and is now home, but it will be a tough road ahead of him.  The surgery on his leg went well, but it will be a few months before it heals, so Ninja will have to be contained to avoid him re-breaking it ….. that means no jumping!  Sadly, Ninja’s tail had to be amputated, as the skin around his tail and rear was torn away too much. His sphincter muscles were damaged by the accident and he has been pooping constantly since before the surgery, let’s hope it heals as well.

Ninja was not too happy yesterday, but he is now with those that love him most ….. Moemoe, his brother, and his very caring Dad, Jesse. We had a surprise for Ninja when he arrived home today, a bright and cheery Maggie May blanket that he can snuggle into while he recovers and to share with Moemoe.

We will keep you updated on Ninja’s progress!

Read more about Ninja on our Tails of Help page.


Ninja IMG_1440 Ninja IMG_1442
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