Ninja is an adventurous 2 1/2 year old, and means everything to his Dad ….. here is his story.

2 years ago, Jesse’s friend was having a lot of trouble, her life was in shambles, and Jesse  was going through some of the worst depression of his life. She gave Ninja and his 1 month old foster brother, Moemoe to Jesse. Jesse took care of them while she was sorting out her life, and after 2 months, she told Jesse that they have bonded with him, and should stay with him.  He could rename them if he liked, as they were Jesse’s babies now.  Ninja’s original name was Poo Poo.  That was slightly changed and added as his middle name, referencing the Dragon Ball Z character, Mr. Popo, a black coloured Ninja.

Ninja is a super loving and friendly cat.  Usually he sleeps curled up cuddling in the crook of Jesse’s arm, or huddled under the blankets laying on top of him.  He is a master climber, his brother and him were raised climbing up and around a giant robe Jesse had, looking akin to squirrels running around a tree.  They both love to hang out on shoulders.

Ninja enjoys climbing to the very tops of trees, to get the best view. Ninja has been seen climbing trees that almost any other cat would get stuck in.  He hangs onto the trunk and makes tiny hops in a circle going down while looking up, once he is low enough, he just jumps down.

A few nights ago, Ninja was out prowling the neighbourhood and as Jesse went just outside the front door, he saw him laying down, looking like he had sat in something red.  Jesse went over to see him, when he moved to say Hi in return, Jesse was met with a screech of pain.  He saw the injuries on him and called the Central Park Animal Hospital.

Despite it being 3am, Dr. Sidhu rushed from his home to open the clinic for him.  Jesse gathered up Ninja and took him down immediately.  Dr. Sidhu stabilized him and listened to Jesse’s pleas about it being the end of the month, being on a fixed income due to disability and having nearly no way to pay for his procedures.  Ninja was pulled through the engine of a car, based on his injuries.  His tail is losing 2-3 inches from damage, and his rear end had a hole the size of a hand and his femur was broken in two places.  It looked pretty bad.

Ninja was kept safe at the vet clinic while Jesse borrowed money and asked around for any help he could get.  Jesse managed to raise $200 to pay for antibiotics and for the care he was given, though this wasn’t even close to enough to perform surgery that he needed.  Despite all this, Dr. Sidhu still sewed up Ninja’s rear end.

Jesse talks fondly of Dr Sidhu …. “he worked with me the entire time I was trying to locate credit or funding until we managed to work something out and after some great work with “In Memory of Maggie May” and “Animal Emergency Care Fund”, enough of the cost was covered to allow the procedure to go forward”.

The good news …. Ninja is scheduled for surgery, he will be getting a small part of his tail removed, along with repairing his broken leg.  Jesse has been hanging out at the vets office every day to spend time with Ninja and was also given the OK to bring in his brother Moemoe to visit him before surgery.  Jesse says “everyone who has worked with me to get through this has been amazing.  I love my cats more than anything else in the world.  They keep me going when I have nothing left.  I am eternally grateful to all those who have allowed me to keep my baby”.

We are so glad we have been able to be there for Ninja, Jesse and Moemoe ….. we will keep you updated!

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