Elijah  loving the flowers (2a)

Elijah is 13 years old and his Mom, Maria describes Elijah as a “very special being”, “an angel disguised as a cat”. Elijah means everything to Maria …. he is her only family here.

Two months before Elijah would come into Maria’s life she kept having recurring dreams about a little black kitten. Then one day, while visiting a dear friend who happens to be a highly esteemed healer and elder in the Fort Langley First Nations Community, the family mentioned they had a little black kitten that they wished to gift to her.  He showed her the litter of kittens, and picked out Elijah for Maria. It was truly an honour, but more amazing was that Elijah was the same kitten she saw in her dreams.  On the long drive home Elijah and Maria bonded, she says it was like two old friends, reuniting.

Elijah has been Maria’s comfort during tough times and has seen her go through it all, but  Elijah has had his moments too, such as being attacked by male ferral cats, and chased up a tree by a bear. For 3 days he would not come down, finally armed with a backpack, Maria had to place the ladder on the roof of the house to reach Elijah. Elijah jumped into Maria’s arms with relief. Elijah was shaking from the cold, but Maria held him close to her heart for hours and hours, to warm him up. To this day, she says, when he smells a bear in the yard he will not even sit on the window sill for days on end, he is so scared. Maria says “we’ve seen each other go through so much – and always it has been Elijah that is there for me, and I am there for him”.

Elijah has a beautiful way of helping other cats that are either ill, or not doing well. He brings them into the yard – and shows them all the flowers, and shares all his favorite herbs with them. Maria’s neighbors often say, “Wow, my cat is now so much less scared and more cheerful since meeting Elijah”. People will often say how at peace they feel being around him. Elijah loves being around flowers. He loves smelling them, and laying underneath them. Elijah loves fresh papaya and begs for it, if you can believe that ! Elijah and Maria love to play Hide-and-Seek, they have been playing this game for 13 years. Elijah doesn’t like fancy cat-toys. He’s very down to earth. Mostly, he loves playing hide and seek, sometimes chasing string, or listening to a CD of Dolphin & Whale sounds, it’s his favorite music!

Elijah was diagnosed with severe Osteitis and Osteomyelitis, and surgery was needed quickly to save his life.  We are pleased to report that Elijah’s surgery was a success and recovering at home.  Maria writes “The best thing of all, is that he got the miracle of the surgery, which saved his life.  That is the best gift of my life”

We are proud to have been able to financially help Elijah and will keep you updated on his progress.

ELijah and Maria (2)

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