We had a surprise for Meea!  We delivered Meea her Maggie May blanket to Boundary Bay Hospital so she would have her special blanket to snuggle into as she recovers from surgery. Meea is a fighter and very much loved by her family, but it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for them all and for us too.  We have been in contact with the Hospital and the family.  The surgery was a success, a few issues, but a very positive prognosis, an additional night in hospital was needed as precaution. Meea went home on Thursday, groggy, but feeling better to be at home. Friday night, Meea was rushed back to the hospital with a ruptured eye, and another night in hospital. The suggestion that the eye may have to be removed was overwhelming, but nothing for sure until the specialist could examine her on Saturday evening. The good news is that the Optomologist says that with the medication and treatment she was receiving, no eye surgery is needed, and Meea could go home. Today, we are happy to report that Meea with her big brown eyes is doing well, she is more alert, her eye is looking ok, and she’s pooping and peeing ….. words that any pet mom just loves to hear!

Meea IMG_1265 Meea IMG_1260
20150516_180959 (2) a 20150515_152130 (2)a
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